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Do you want it sugar coated or right between the eyes? One of my favourite movies – Six Days, Seven Nights

The Good

We’re getting into Summer. Why is that Good? For a plethora of reasons including Kiteboarding, Boating, Fishing, Hornby cabin, Sheridan Lake Family cabin, Keats Island cabin.  Did I mention Kiteboarding?


The Ugly

It’s been a frustrating month. House is officially on (or That is THE official Real Estate site. We’d built up a good amount of false hope that this would drive 10+ viewings (and an offer). Results are below 5 viewings with absolutely zero bites. That’s frustrating! Not to mention annoying and tiring. Annoying because the wait continues. Tiring because it gets really tedious keeping this place clean. Frustrating because, well, we just want to go Sailing!

But underneath lies that frustration that The Plan ain’t going to happen. We’d expected to have this place sold by now…Expectations. I guess that’s where the problem lies. Expectations of money. Expectations of everything moving quickly. If we were realistic we’d be happy as pigs in dirt. There would be no timeline expectations.

Realistically we’re in no rush to sell. There is no time or money pressure. We’re not leaving for another 7 months. But it sure messes with your mind; “Will we ever sell this place?” “Is the housing market about to take a dive?”


The Good

Life continues. Weekend escapes to the cabins. Next week to Nitinat Lake for our first Kiteboarding expedition of the year (can’t wait). A (very) short video of our Kiteboarding escapades in Maui last year…




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