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Desolation Sound

We’re at anchor in Squirrel Cove, Desolation Sound. I can hear a small set of rapids entering the anchorage due to a tide change. It’s peaceful. Serene. No wind. Glassy calm water. I can hear fish feeding behind me. Anchor lights of other boats dot the horizon. We’re by far the smallest boat. The only boat who’s owners do a full-on scrub down on the back swim grid. You know, soap it up, get it in there. Then the rinse. It ain’t pretty. The neighbour you never want to have. But we’re here and that’s what counts. Our boat probably costs as much as the gas bill of some of these mega yachts.

Yesterday I was napping on the front deck. Not sure if you can call it a “deck”. Regardless, a family with a few small kids idled by in their dink (dinghy). One kid blurts out: “Dad, are those the people with all the laundry?” Sure enough, our wet bathing suits, towels, bikinis were hanging off the back. Sorry, we don’t have a washer/dryer built in.

Lost a prawn trap today.  Likely due to strong currents but it could be a number of reasons including theft, buoy sinking etc. On the other hand, the shitter works great! Tested and going strong. I’ll leave it at that.









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