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Desolation Sound part 2

I’d written this a while back but lack of internet and a great vacation got in the way. Finally a completed post of what I’d started in Desolation Sound…

We’re at anchor in Squirrel Cove, Desolation Sound. It’s midnight. I can hear a small set of rapids entering due to a tide change. It’s peaceful. Serene. Not a breath of air. I can hear fish feeding behind me. Anchor lights of other boats dot the horizon. We’re by far the smallest boat. The only ones who do a full body scrub down on the back swim grid. The only ones with a solar shower instead of a built-in freshwater shower. The crangs of the anchorage. But we’re here and that’s what counts.

Yesterday I was napping on the front deck. Not sure if you can call it a deck. A family with a several small kids idled by in their dink (dinghy). I guess they thought I was asleep. One kid blurts out, “Dad, are those the people with all the laundry?” Sure enough, our wet bathing suits, towels, bikinis were all hanging off the back of the boat. I quietly chuckled as the dad awkwardly tried to evade the question.

Everything is a challenge on this boat. From retrieving the BBQ, which is wedged into one area of the engine compartment to doing dishes in a minuscule sink. It all takes ten times longer.  They say a boat shrinks 2’per day when living aboard. I think it’s more like 4′ per day on our boat. We’re on our last day in desolation sound. My wife has decided dinner will consist of two bite brownies + canned whip cream. I will resist the urge to comment.

Our ice has melted. Our holding tank is full. It’s time to go home.







Went for a hike the other day. It was supposed to last around 3 hours. After hiking for an hour and a half, we found out we were on the wrong trail. So a 3 hour hike turned into a 6 hour hike. Great view at the top though!














Unknowingly I had taken the exact same shot but on separate days. The difference can be stark between rain and sun up here. Both were beautiful in their own right.






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