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Fulaga, How beautiful you are! Visiting Fulaga (Fulanga) was one of those bucket list places for me. One of those places you have heard about, but almost cant fathom going to yourself. Well we made it. It wasn’t easy beating straight upwind from basically everywhere else in Fiji. It was more than worth it. If you ever have the chance, just GO. Fulaga is an island with a proper pass and a proper lagoon and proper crystal clear blue water and proper mushroom islets dotted everywhere. Fulaga is paradise. We have travelled half way around the world and Fulaga is a unique and beautiful spot. It is one of our favourites. It has no internet, no airport and the cargo ship only visits once a month or so, transporting people and provisions. You could hitch a ride on it but better yet, buy, borrow, steal or rent a yacht and get there yourself. There is a strict adoption policy for yachties. They have an system with about 60-80 boats a year stopping in. We arrived early in the season and were one of the first few boats of the season. Every family in the village adopts a yacht at least once or usually twice a year. Tui, Koro, John and their extended family got stuck with us. And Bill, the chiefs grandson, came along for all our adventures. This was by far the most unique village experience we have had to date. We hit up the kids culture week at school, we hiked with cannibals or perhaps rather the descendants of cannibals. (we are still here to tell the tale). We attended church and had beautiful Sunday lunch. We hosted a pizza feast and were serenaded by the beautiful voices from the most beautiful people as we said our farewells. In this episode we (Ben, my mom and I) take you with us as we meet the beautiful people of Fulanga and tour their beautiful island. But we are not yet done with Fulanga. Up next we will show you the beauty of the ocean up.

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