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Dodging Indonesian Viking Ships

The other day  a  sailing friend from home said “You must be really good sailors!” Our response was, “No, not really. We would certainly not win any races on a race course.” Sailing around the world, particularly sailing overnight in some of these countries, is often less so about sailing and more about navigation and getting accustomed to what all the different lights and fishing tactics are. Yes, we see our fair share of stormy weather and absolutely we can handle our boat with confidence in all conditions. But the actual “sailing” is pretty easy. We simply choose between a total of four sails and how much to roll out of each. 

We always look forward to setting sail offshore overnight. It’s a time to reflect and unwind. The internet stops working. You have to work together and a daily rhythm forms. It’s wonderfully simplistic yet extremely rewarding. 

This passage to Borneo may have been our trickiest yet in terms of dodging both unlit and extremely lit up squid boats. There was less rest than normal but tons of things to keep you awake! 

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