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Each To Their Own

The new hard top is on. Installed. Looks amazing. It’s a work of art. It was ready last Friday. We were ready Sunday but the weather was not. So tomorrow we head out into the Gulf Stream and cross over to Bimini, Bahamas. We thought about leaving first thing Monday, but hey, what’s a few days of delay after many months of waiting?

I was chuckling while riding my bike today thru half of Ft Lauderdale. Here we are, ready to go. We could have left days ago. But Ashley decides she needs to hop on a bus for an hour. Walk for another 30 minutes. All for the sake of having backup compressed air bottles on board. You see, she has a problem. A big problem. She only drinks bubbly water. Yes, it’s weird. But there you have it. She requires a bubbly water making machine to survive on planet earth. Commitment.

I on the other hand was on a mission. There was a hair to be cut. And most importantly, I had to stock up on fishing gear. I actually did ride my bike for 2 hours to obtain various lures, bits and bobs to aid in my fishing success. Each to their own. Priorities differ I suppose.

By Sunday we will be back in the heart of the Bahamas – The Exumas. A magical place….


February 25, 2016

Yea! Glad to hear you have a top. Guess I missed something…did you go to the guys at Biminihardtop in Ft. Lauderdale? Anyway, glad to hear it is installed. And don’t feel too bad, it took us 5+ months to get ours made and installed. 😉



Paul C
February 24, 2016

Hi guys!
I could watch that video all day… takes me away to a magical place (not that I’ve ever been there!). Can you upload some pics of the new hard top?
Miss you… take care,


February 24, 2016

Awesome news you guys! Glad the top is done, and a beauty! Happy sailing! xx


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