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Welcome to El Nido

El Nido is one of those towns that hasn’t been invaded by the massive tourism industry. It used to be, and partly still is, a fishing village. All the locals say Hi on the streets as if they know you.

The local kids love to play. We were at a desolate beach the other day and these groups of kids, probably around 6-10 years old, would come up to us and sit beside us. We were suspicious at first, but in the end, all they wanted to do was to play with us and our Frisbee.

You can always look up and see towering limestone cliffs wherever you go. These are razor sharp and impassible, although tons of flowers, vines and trees have been able to take hold.

Surrounding El Nido are dozens of little and big islands. Some have hidden lagoons and beaches. Others are sheer cliff all the way around making it impossible to get on land.

It’s a pretty relaxed little place. One downside is that there isn’t really a good local beach you can swim at. You always have to take a tricycle to a beach just outside of town. But hey, how can you hold that against a town as cute as this?

We took a boat trip on our first day here. There are three or four boat trips you can go on, each going to a different set of islands. So far we’ve only been able to go on one. The weather has been rather dreary due to a typhoon somewhere else in the Philippines. Luckily we’re getting nothing else other than some rain and a bit of wind.



















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