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Endless Boat Work

Pfewf. 80% of the boat tasks are done. At least those tasks that needed to be completed while the boat was out of the water. As I was putting on the last of the zinks I looked down at the license plate and notice it was expired. That remains the last task prior to taking the boat in to the mechanic.


I seem to have forgotten how much work a boat is. It seems every year all polish & waxing needs to be redone. Engine always needs to be fixed or maintained yearly. There are endless little projects such as fix drink holders, figure out a better fishing rod holder, install electric downrigger receptacle, maintain outboard etc etc.


But in the end, it’s all worth it because there is no point in having a boat that just sits at the dock or your front yard. If  it’s not setup and working properly, you might as well sell it.  We travel fairly long distances such as Desolation Sound or Toba Inlet. And even the closer destinations such as Keats Island still involve crossing a body of water that can get fairly rough with no one around to save you. Even if you call the coast guard, I’d guess you’re at least 30 minutes on your own at a minimum and 2 hours at a maximum. That’s a long time to stay a float if shits hitting the fan.


Halibut season is upon us. I targeted a Salmon end of last year to great success. I hope to have the same success with Halibut. Heck, we even bought a new apartement sized freezer. Gotta fill it up!





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