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I’ll be honest; We struggle with the work-life balance. Our friends sometimes mention that we are constantly be working. They are right. We do spend a lot of our time working or thinking about work. I always have the next project brewing in my head while finishing another. The same goes for Ashley; She’s always thinking 10 steps ahead and has her plate is overflowing at work. And although that can be stressful, I don’t think we would want to have it any other way. We enjoy pushing ourselves and find relaxation in “doing”.


Goals are awesome. Everyone should have goals. They make life worth living. Our goals tend to be a bit lofty. We always reach beyond the stars such as our main goal of sailing around the world. There is a lot of work that goes into achieving a goal like this. And to be honest, it can be overwhelming if we don’t take one step at a time.


Admittedly, we have gotten caught up in trying to achieve our goals and have somewhat lost the ability to enjoy life now. We work like crazy, take a 2 week vacation to Mexico, then work like crazy again until the next dash into the sun. You think you’re getting ahead because you’re heads down being productive opening up new lines of income. But in reality you can do better. Having a better work-life balance doesn’t mean being less productive. The opposite. Often times the motivation that  comes from taking some time off work will let you find shortcuts in your daily and long term goals.

We’re Gonna Buy a Boat!

I know. Exciting eh? We’ve owned boats all of our lives and we actually own a boat already. Well, not sure if you can call it a boat. We call it the Tintanic. It truly does have Titanic-like tendencies and starts to take on water after a few hours. No big deal as long as you have a cooler of beer and a beach to pull up to.

The TinTanic - Our Leaky Boat

The trailer isn’t much better. Lights are temperamental and flat tires are an every day occurence. But hey! It cost us $500, is way overpowered with a 30hp outboard and gets us on the water.


If you have ever owned a boat or spent any amount of time around boaters, you’ll know there is a divide between the power boaters and sailors. We could care less. As long as you’re out on the water. Doesn’t matter how or in what. Whether its a tube, water ski’s, power boat or sailboat.

Boat Options

When we started our boat hunt we were looking at everything from 1950’s wood boats to 30′ sailboats. But finally we have decided that we need something that can get us places quickly and efficiently. Free time is not something we have much of right now.

We are currently looking at something like a 23′ Sea Ray. They’re essentially one step up from a run-about and give you the ability to camp on the water. They have a toilet, alcohol stove and sink. They could possibly sleep two couples.

Perfect Boat for Us



Although this decision is not really earth shattering, it does seem to go against the long term goal of saving as much money now for the big sailboat dream in a few years time. But reality is that we CAN enjoy life now and also buy the big sailboat in a few years time. We simply need to make a few sacrifices in some other areas of our life. Having done up our budget for the year, we think we can take all or most of our vacation budget and throw it at a boat. Each trip to mexico costs around $5,000 all said and done. In the past we have usually done two to three tropical getaways per year. Thats $10,000 to $15,000 we are going to put towards a boat. Boats are money pits no matter what you buy. They depreciate like a car and take constant maintenance and gas.

More on this in the coming weeks. We’ve found a few potentials and are thinking of putting in some offers. We will keep you updated.



Ashley & Ben


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