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Exuma Life

Life is better in the Exumas. Two weeks has slipped by and we have hardly taken note. Days meld together. There are no weekends. There are no weekdays. Every day, every hour has a special moment. Whether it’s the sweet smells coming off the islands, iguanas parading the beach, pigs swimming, kiteboarding or simply the most turquoise water this world has to offer. It is paradise here.

Today the Bahamian Defense Force paid us a visit. Boarded our boat, searched and checked our paperwork. After some awkward small talk they were on their way to check the next boat in the anchorage. At one point they asked me to date and sign some paperwork. “What’s the date? Is it March?” A sign things are well.

A typical morning starts with me rising at sunrise. A quick swim around the boat. Coffee. Pull into work until early afternoon. Then we play. If the island is inhabited, we’ll explore on land. Sometimes it’s just mangroves, which is great. We’ve used our paddle boards more so than ever. If you ever get the chance, go to the Exumas. Charter a boat and go check out the pigs, Warderick Wells (most pristine marine park), drink rum punch.

And just like that we’re leaving. Headed to Puerto Rico. The problem with cruising, if you can call it that, is that it’s dictated by weather. We’ve been watching the weather for weeks now. Watching and learning the normal cycle of when it is preferable to head offshore and point our bow South East at this time of year. Starting tomorrow we have a seven day window to head South East (where the trade winds normally blow from). There likely won’t be much sailing but that’s ok. We’ll motor & fish. Sushi. Fish & rice.

We’re really looking forward to getting down there. We are having our first visitors of the season. From there on, it’s mostly short hops from island to island until we get to Grenada where the boat will sit on land for the Summer Hurricane season.

You’ll be able to follow us on this next big passage by clicking here.

You’ll see us head mainly east until we get above Puerto Rico. Once there, we’ll turn south and likely sail the rest of the way. It’s expected to be light winds 5-15 knots. With the last few days increasing slightly but from the east which will give us a nice beam reach down to Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Passages are a special time. Disconnect from the world. Just you and this massive ocean. No one. Nothing for six days. A place to reflect. A place to contemplate the stars at night. A place dream.















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March 16, 2016

Really neat to be able to follow your route. Look about half way! Hope its smooth sailing. xx


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