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Finding our paradise


Paradise: “Paradise (Old East Iranianpairidaeza) is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless” – wikipedia

There are many paradises in life. You may find your paradise on a tropical island or a snowy mountain. Everyone’s paradise is different. Fortunately Ashley and I share the same vision of paradise.

Our goal is to find as many paradises in the now, treasuring every moment, and work towards our ultimate paradise in the future.

Our Ultimate Paradise

We are going to buy a big boat and sail around the world. It is a simple yet very big dream. Ultimately our vision is to live a fun and exciting life. A life that full of surprises and adventure. Some people envy our boat dream, others think we’re nuts. Regardless of what people think, this is what we are going to do and here is where we are going to write about our journey getting to it.

The Challenges

This dream is not easy to live with. Life seems on-hold often times. We are delaying buying a house. Delaying vacations. Delaying kids. But we are committed to making this happen.

Money is obviously one of the bigger challenges. Boats are expensive in terms of the  (a) initial capital and (b) to use and maintain. Every thing on a boat costs two or three times as much as it does for a house. The combination of salt water and sun are extremely corrosive.

Family is going to be missed.

And finally, Time is forever fleeting. Making a dream like this happen takes a lot of work. Sometimes Ben has two, three, four projects on the side while still working full time. Some of these bring in money, others are simply passive income projects that take a lot of initial up-front work, but will generate a small passive income down the road.

Paradise in the Now

Both Ashley and I work in the software industry. I currently work full time from home for a company in the United States. My speciality is in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). To put it simply, I make maps. Ashley works at an office here in Victoria, BC, that specializes in tug boats. They are a rapidly growing company that has a software product that runs the operations of tug and barge companies. We both work around 50 to 70 hour weeks. Our attitude has always been “Work hard now in order to kick back and relax later”. This is not ideal. We often feel stressed, overworked and tired. We are solely to blame for this. But we also play hard. In the summer we have fun on the ocean hopping between summer family cabins. Occasionally we’ll go for a quick motorbike trip. In the winter you’ll find us on a chairlift almost every weekend at the local ski hill chasing the adrenaline rush from the last run. We absolutely can’t complain. We are extremely fortunate to have families with cabins at the mountain and on the coast.


We are planning on sharing with you the paradises we find now, and the challenges we experience as we work towards our ultimate paradise.


Do you have a similar dream? Come back to laugh, learn and share with us.



Ashley & Ben

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