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First Date

I’m hesitant to write this. Am I announcing a boat pregnancy too early?

The entire purpose of this trip to the Dominican Republic was to look at a boat. A Lagoon 410 catamaran. We found her a couple weeks earlier. She had made her debut on the internet immediately after we had surveyed her 38′ sister. Unlike her sister, she’s a beauty. She does have a few wrinkles but that’s what makes her sexy. She’s mature and not scared of a little rough weather. Thanks to her current owner, she sports a few modest upgrades. No botox. Instead, a new halyard here, some new shrouds there, and a watermaker over there. She’s got fine bones. Oh, and my goodness! She is is hung like a pornstar; A massive anchor hangs off her bow. Always ready to perform even in the most stressful of situations.



Her current owners are a very sweet family from Germany. They are (reluctantly) finishing up a 2 year sabbatical with their two young children. This seems to be one of those deals that was made in heaven. Two honest humans shaking hands on a fair deal. Trust. And although it’s not final, I very much think this is going to work out. The current plan sees us take possession at the start of April in Fort Lauderdale giving us the next three months to twiddle our thumbs. In actuality, three months to top up the cruising kitty for the following years.


This entire experience has been completely different from the last. Talking to the actual owner is lovely. We were able to have honest conversations and come to an agreement via a handshake. A (sailing) sea trial that lasted longer than 10 minutes. We were invited to view the boat on the first day. That ended with sundowners on the front deck and dinner. Martin, the owner, dedicated the entire next day to taking us out and sailing to an island about 2 hours away. After anchoring and a swim, we did have a quick peek at her underside. Snorkelled down and looked up her skirt. Clean as can be. A quick lunch on board. Finally, a gorgeous sunset sail back to the harbour. Couldn’t wish for a better experience.



















December 28, 2014

Hello and greetings Ben and Ashley: Glad to hear things are looking up for you two. The initial salvo of photographs does indeed represent a catamaran that appears to be well kept. As you move closer to making her your own, make sure you get a full history of all of her ownership since new if you can. Was she an ex-charter yacht turned private owner or never in charter? If she is older than 10 years, get a rigging survey in addition to the hull, mechanical and sail appointments. I note she has a bowsprit, so you should likely have a nice complement of sails with her. The cockpit cover and dodger look great. Here’s wishing you good luck with this as your future “home from home”.

All the best for the New Year to both of you.

Alan & Christina
Okanagan Valley, BC


    December 28, 2014

    Thanks Alan!

    Great tips some of which we will need to follow up on. She has had her standing rigging redone in the past 2 years. And she comes with a Parasailor which I’m excited to try.

    Do keep in touch.



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