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Fishing Gear

Went to buy fishing gear today. They have massive fishing gear stores south of the border. Warehouse style. It’s not just a tackle store. Need a motorboat? No worries. Lots in stock. Need a hunting bow? Hunting guns? Hand guns? Absolutely everything and anything a guy could ever need. As we got to the back of the store, we started to hear a “pop, pop, pop”. I look up and there it is. A shooting range on the second level. Guys shooting handguns. Only in the U S of A. You gotta love it. If only because it’s so in your face.

But I digress. I brought some fishing gear from home. A few rods. A Hawaiian Sling and a gaff at the annoyance of Ashley as they stuck into the passenger seat. (She’ll thank me later when I catch the big one). Normally I fish a fair amount for Salmon back in the Pacific Northwest. They get up to up to 20-30 pounds. I figured I’d just supplement my existing gear once I got down here. Upgrade my line strength. Not so. They use stainless steel leader down here! The actual lure is the size of what I brought home for dinner back home. Hooks that, to me, look like they could handle a great white.

You ever taken a girl to the tackle store? It’s a different experience. We ended up with multiple pink and purple lures. They were “prettiest”. Had to get a few with feathers on them. I suppose there are girl fish out there judging my lures. Fair enough. Got to the checkout line. I was bracing for impact. Fishing ain’t cheap. The blow was softened substantially when the guy immediately before me had a bill of over $500. I think I did pretty well at half that.

Next week we go slaying. Next week I provide for my family. Reserve your seats now. Only a couple seats left on Ben’s Guaranteed Fishing Charters – “Sail. Drink Beer. Slay fish.” Guaranteed.
fishing-tackle-wahoo-tuna- - 1

fishing-tackle-wahoo-tuna- - 2


Check this. Live Bait vending machine. I guess why not?



fishing-tackle-wahoo-tuna- - 3

fishing-tackle-wahoo-tuna- - 4


April 17, 2015

whew, just caught up with your blog, what a fun read; seriously helps reading blogs like this when you are still in ” Sailing is just a Dream” ….Congrats on the move to the boat!


    April 18, 2015

    Thanks Sean. Well hopefully it’ll get more fun once we get out of this marina!


April 14, 2015


I’v actually been thinking about how you actually work a big fish from a cat. I’d be curious to see what you guys come up with when you have a 100+ lbs fish on the line in terms of getting it on the boat. I’d rather learn from others with this!!!


    April 14, 2015


    I’m curious as well. Guess we’ll find out! Secretly I hope I’m not quite that successful in my up and coming fishing career 🙂


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