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Fish Utopia

Its interesting how one day one particular lure works like a hot damn then, the next day not a single bite on that same lure. The other night was the same; Lines in the water by 4:30pm. Not a single bite until 6:30. By 7pm, at sunset, I had three fish in the cooler. Just crazy how a tide change or change in light can trigger these Salmon into a feeding frenzy. Makes me wonder how many Salmon I normally pass by with them scoffing at my lure.


In other news, my darling is back from a 2 week Copenhagen business trip. Its been a good 2 week bachelor time at home but, in all reality, being a bachelor is more hype than fun. I think I managed to do three loads of laundry. More than I’ve done all year. For some reason I go into scavenging mode when Ashley is away. I’ll find a can of tuna or a can of beans and that’s dinner. The house usually doesn’t get cleaned until the day before. Embarrassing to be honest.


I’ve been working on a new web-application. I’ve done a few of these iPhone or web-apps which have all failed. First one was SafeRoute which crashed and burned upon release. Its hard to keep developing new ideas when you know the odds are stacked against you. But I’m not willing to give up quite yet. I might offend some people by saying this, but I consider a government job or full time employment working for a boss the equivalent of being jailed for life. I’d rather be homeless. Themotivation behind these ideas is the prospect of freedom; Freedom to do what I enjoy doing and get paid for it. The idea I’m working on now is essentially a gift generator for small gift ideas. The current version is crap. The new version has been designed by a professional graphic designer and will take various different inputs such as Facebook Likes or Twitter tweets and match those to possible gift ideas for your friends. I’m excited to be on the home stretch. More on this later.


Some pictures from the last week….



When the cat is away, the mouse will play. I splurged and bought myself an electric downrigger. These things aren’t exactly cheap, but instead of spending about $500 on a new one, I opted for a used version for under $300. Makes the world of difference to not have to hand-crank the 10lb weight every time you need to check your line.












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