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Flying Pigs & Work

The Exumas:  “Sapphire blue water. An exotic collection of dream destinations.” That’s how the travel brochures describe the place we call home.

We’re fortunate to be here. Very fortunate. We don’t realize it at times. We grow immune to it very quickly. This past week I’ve spent almost every single waking hour working. That’s right. I’m sitting in sapphire blue water and working. The water did not appear sapphire to me. I was head deep in code. Programming. And then I hit the ‘Publish’ button. The App was out. The water appeared sapphire once again. I was back in a “dream destination”. It’s 5pm and we’re losing light fast. Time for a quick free dive in search of lobster & conch. I take a deep breath and jump in. I get down under the first rock then look up. A big shark is coming right at me. Takes me a split second but it’s just a nurse shark checking me out. Big black nurse shark. I dive more rocks. Then I see it. Two huge antenna sticking out. Bingo! Massive lobster. I aim and fire. Then nothing. No wiggle. I have speared a carcass. A dead, rotting lobster. My hunter gatherer skills could use some work. Back to the boat. Rum punch awaits.

But back to that thing called work. We’re not retired. Far from it. We need to work. But while working today, under an idyllic little gazebo sitting on the edge of the bay, fellow cruisers came up to me. We chatted. It seems the average age of fellow cruisers is well over 50. We talked about laundry. We quipped about money and retirement. Each and everyone of them noted how fortunate I was to be able to work out here. That hit home. I am able to work out here. A completely different perspective than the one I had. What could be worse than working? Not being able to work.

Grateful. Something I need to practice. Grateful to have work. Grateful to be able to work.








If you missed the drone shot, here it is again. More of these to come. A bit nervous launching off the front of the boat. But all went well. Stay tuned for more epic shots.

We were tucked away at anchor in this little bay for four nights. No other boats around. Pretty awesome getting a bit of elevation and seeing where we actually are. Kiteboarding just to the north of of us on that sand bank.

Drone Bahamas


The Grotto. James bond was here. (Ashley’s James Bond was here as well). Open to the top allowing these sun beams to creep in.


Business woman turned domestic. From watching a few YouTube’s on How To Sew to re-upholstering our Boler trailer to this; New slip covers for the cockpit cushions. Two days flat and she’s done. Boat walk thru coming soon.



Swimming pigs? We didn’t really believe it either. They’ve adapted incredibly well. They turn their snout up like a snorkel and swim right out to you. Kinda cute!

Swimming Pigs


Thank You Ikea! Ikea sells bread. Un-baked, whole rye bread in a milk crate. Just add water. Watch it rise. Throw it in the oven and voila. Delicious rye bread. This was a pretty big treat on this boat.



June 2, 2015

Glad all is well! Sounds like work and water time is balanced pretty well 🙂 Amazing pictures! Nice work on the slip covers Ash; cant wait to see the walk through.
Really cant wait to get out there for a visit. Hoping for November!


May 26, 2015

Hi Ben

I would like your email address as i have some questions about the Searay!




    June 3, 2015

    Hi Damon, Sent you an email several days ago.


May 23, 2015

Great photos, and love the drone shots. Becky and I enjoy reading each one of your blogs as well! We plan to be doing the same thing within a few short years!


    May 25, 2015

    Thanks for reading.

    Right on! Well worth any sacrifices to get out here. In Barraterra right now. We were invited to their local festival yesterday (today and tomorrow). The locals are so friendly!


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