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Freedom & Moving

We woke up this morning bobbing ever so slightly. Sleepily, thoughts crossed our minds. What is the plan for today?  Within a matter of a few sentences we decided that today we move. Move to another country.

It is exactly this sort of freedom that appeals to us. Being able to move your entire house to a new country. Within an hour, pull the anchor and sail around the corner to the next island. Find a new place with a different story. A different vibe. There are of course a few hoops to jump thru. Customs and Immigration needs to be appeased with the usual paperwork and about ten to twenty dollars. But it is a wonderful way to spend time on this planet. Free of rush hours. Free of the many possessions that weigh you down with land life. Having everything contained inside a portable vessel. Constantly on the move. Constantly being exposed to new experiences.

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Paul Callan
May 26, 2016

Sounds to me like a good time to start a family


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