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Go Go Go. Stop.

Well, in the end, the deal on this Lagoon 380 didn’t go thru. We’d completed the survey. Done oil analysis on the Sail Drives (transmissions) & engines. Everything was structurally sound albeit neglected on the outside and we’d compiled a laundry list repairs that were required before we set sail. We were ready to pull the trigger with a discount from our pre-survey price ($260,000). We presented several offers to the buyer including reduced price with partial fixes. Close to agreed price if he did most fixes. The response? Nothing. No counter. No yes. No maybe. No no. Just silence. Utter silence. The selling broker wouldn’t return calls. He wouldn’t return emails. And, in the end, the offer simply expired.

This has been one of the most bizarre negotiations I have been in. Well, it wasn’t a negotiation. It was like speaking to a brick wall. From the very start, we made an initial offer with a five day time limit. That expired with no response. Finally the selling broker, a day after offer expiration, gave us a verbal yes. Two and a half weeks after our initial offer we had a signed conditional acceptance. There were many things that irked us from the start. The Catamaran Company misrepresented the engine hours. They misrepresented the pictures (4+ years old). They photoshopped-out the previous name on the hull and re-posted the same picture. We actually found the previous listing from two years earlier (also with The Catamaran Company) and it was identical; Same engine hours, same pictures, same description. It was simply a slimy experience.

So here we are without a boat. Without a home. And my wife is unemployed (although really employable). But it’s not all bad. It’s all good really. We’re living at my mother in-law. She’s a nice lady. She likes red wine & scotch. (I do too). She has a 5000 square ft house. We have a family ski cabin to move into once it starts snowing. My uncle (in-law) pays those bills. I’m still consulting and, best of all, we’re saving money without a mortgage! Some things just aren’t meant to be. Yes, we could have thrown money at this boat. But in the end, if you’re letting 15K get in the way of purchasing a $200,000+ sailboat, then something’s up. You’re not comfortable with the purchase.

And on a deeper level I ask myself; What is this ‘dream’ really about? Is it all about living on a boat in the Caribbean? No. Does it all revolve around this exact boat? Hell no. Instead, it’s about having a location independent lifestyle. It’s about downsizing. It’s about having flexibility. It’s about having time to do what we want, when we want.

As I write this, I have received word on another boat. A bigger boat reportedly in better condition for less. How is that even possible? It’s not available for another few months but we’re excited at the prospect of not having to spend weeks in a boat yard spending more money than we have in our bank account.

I’ve also been playing with my new drone. The mother in-laws house from the air. It ain’t so bad…



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