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Who Stole the Fish?

Turns out there are no more salmon in our ocean. Went out last Saturday and Sunday and caught nothing but Dogfish and every variety of Rock Cod. A few pics to tell the story.

Started the day off with a complimentary Grey Whale sighting. I hate to say it, but all those tourists got ripped off by paying $100 to see a lump of grey.


Do you see it? Its that tiny little grey lump on the left


….and the tail.


At one point we were anchored in 200+ feet of water in the shipping lanes with a few other boats. Turns out the freighters like to have their fun as well. First one was within reasonable distance. Second decided to weave between us and another fishing boat a few hundred feet away. By the time the third had us in its sights, I was pulling up the anchor. And as it got close, it just laid on its horn. Asshole. The ocean is big enough that they don’t need to play high stakes chicken out on the open ocean.





Kind of a cool push tug. That white tower on the back is actually attached to a tug that disconnects from the entire barge.



This one got the one-finger salut from me. Hope he had his binoculars out.


This was my first time halibut fishing. Unfortunately the season closed this Sunday. Its probably the best kind of fishing there is; You put a squid, herring or salmon belly on your hook, drop it down to the bottom and sit back, relax and hydrate with a few beers. Nothing to it. I was prepared with my harpoon and a gaff. Unfortunately nothing came of it. I’ll be back tho and next time these Halibut will Not be laughing at me.



Since obviously my fishing skills were not the reason we didn’t catch any Salmon nor Halibut, some reasons why the fish sometimes just don’t bit:

  • They’re not hungry.
  • The moon is wrong.
  • They’re picky eaters.
  • Lure size was wrong.
  • Hook size was too big.
  • I forgot to wash my hands after going pee.
The truth is these Salmon have their minds occupied with other thoughts. They’re thinking about all the sex they’re going to have once they get to the river. Duhhh.





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