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First Motorbike Trip of the Season

Busy week last week. Heck, it seems like every week is a busy week these days. And we don’t even have kids. To be honest, I’d say a good 80% of our time is taken up by work.  Not a bad thing if you love your job. Both Ashley and I have the attitude of work hard now and reap the benefits later. I’ve mentioned before that I have a full time job as my main source of income, but am also actively working to grow a consultancy and more importantly, another online product. The goal here is to create a bit of a passive income now that will continue to generate small amounts of money later, when we’re either sailing around the world, semi retired, or simply taking a sabbatical.

I changed the oil on the motorbikes last week in preparation for this weekend. Both of these toys are extremely low maintenance. I do the oil and minor maintenance myself. We get new tires every two or so years depending on how much we ride. But other than that, there’s really not much to do. Feels good having these toys as it gives us that instant gratification for working so hard. Not to mention, they are paid off and only require gas and insurance.




It was a rather interesting weekend. Had a great ride up and caught the last ferry. I always love riding twisty roads at night. Its challenging, spooky and yes, dangerous. You’re constantly adjusting, scanning the road ahead for deer.

The people you meet at the ferry, gas station and anywhere else you stop on a motorbike are always extremely friendly and chatty. Everyone wants to talk to you. I love it.



We finally managed to organize ourselves and get two pedal bikes up to the cabin. We can now pedal home drunk from the beach without breaking the law. Its been a long time since we last rode bikes. I’ve totally forgotten how fun it can be.


Skirts are not the best attire as oncoming cars may get distracted.




We started the morning off at the farmers market which is essentially a small clearing in the forest where locals come to sell you their produce and hand made goods. Some are garbage, others are very well done. They also make these frozen mango’s on a stick. A really great business idea that sells like crazy. All they do is freeze a mango and shove a stick in the end then charge $4.






Having the parents there makes transporting stuff much much easier. Our beer was already there along with chairs and towels.






The two ladies of the house each managed to burn food. One claimed someone had increased the temperature on her oven. The other, my Mom, was just plain guilty and didn’t have a defense of any sorts. She managed to smoke out the place to the point that smoke was billowing out of every window.






While coming off of Hornby, there was probably at least a 4 ferry wait. We received a few gestures while skipping to the front of the line. Always amusing how upset people get.


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