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Hornby Island Shenanigans

Hornby always turns out to be a great time. I don’t know if it’s the people, beaches or sulfur water. We have two cabins on our property; One is a very small cabin with a loft and small living space. The other, is a double-wide trailer that has some customization on the inside and a big deck out front. The little cabin hadn’t been used since last summer and the spiders had decided to take it over. Ashley let out several blood curdling screams that must have been heard across entire Hornby. After a quick vacuum, I managed to get rid of several spider nests and two absolutely massive wolf spiders.




Immediately after the cleanup the beers, white wine, red wine and eventually champagne started flowing. We didn’t stop until after midnight. We were not only celebrating Father’s day, but also my moms Birthday. It was a night to remember. One of our presents was a water cooler. A big standup unit where you put a massive water bottle in, upside down. The water on our property has a pretty strong sulfur smell. Guests are always horrified but after a couple years you get used to it and don’t notice it anymore. Ashely is horrified when I brush my teeth with this water. She doesn’t understand how I could possibly put egg water in my mouth. To say the least, my mom and dad were very happy about the water cooler addition to the cabin.



Hornby Island, Grassy Point


Hornby Island, Grassy Point



























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