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Ughh. We’re still in Virginia. We’re in the water but tied up to the dock at the same old boatyard. It’s cold now. We’ve slipped into winter. The leaves have mostly all come down. Every morning is near freezing. We’re in a bit of a funk. It’s not fun anymore. This is not the ‘dream’ we signed up for.

Ashley put it nicely yesterday. We’re hostages to the guy building our hard top. He’s a nice guy and definitely a perfectionist. A good thing normally. He’s also doing our hard top on the side. It’s an after hours project. He works on it on the weekends and evenings after he get’s home from his fibreglass shop. Don’t get me wrong, he’s hooking us up with one of the nicest hard tops we could possibly buy for half the price. But it’s taking forever. We now have most of the legs on. The hard top itself is apparently finished. We have yet to see it. Hopefully today. What I can say for certain, which is not much, is that we will be casting the dock lines as soon as this thing is on the boat. As soon as that last bolt is in, we’re off. We’re heading south. Far far south. To the warmth. It’s going to be a horrible few days on passage. We have no heat on this boat other than turning on the oven. It’s going to be cold as hell. But every mile, every hour we’re going to get closer to the British Virgin Islands. Once there, I will be putting a rum drink down my throat.

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 1

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 2


Initially we attempted to mount our new solar to the existing dinghy davits. That didn’t work out too well. Way too wobbly. So in the end, we had to spring for a solar arch. I’ve never been a big fan of these as they add a bunch of metalwork. We were pleasantly surprised by the look in the end.

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 3

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 4

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 5

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 6

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 7

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 8

lagoon410_arch_install_ - 9




December 5, 2015

We feel your pain as we are just south of you and waiting on the same thing. Our problem is that we are the ones building it so it is all on us that we are still here in Virginia…well…us and the weather that just won’t cooperate. Glad to hear you are getting your top after all.



December 4, 2015


Two 325 watt kyocera on the arch. One more 325 on the hard top. Floating solar city once we’re done 🙂


December 4, 2015

Hang in there guys! I like the solar arch, how big of panels will you be putting up?


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