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House For Sale

This is finally real and it’s been an interesting ride. In the end we have decided to list privately (Click Here for the website with All the Details). Reasons are several. The main ones are the fact we have a ton of time on our side and second, we are trying to generate as much cash as possible for our fund to Sail Around the World. But we are truly sad to see this place go. We love this home. When we first bought this townhouse we thought we were locking into a three year plan. After three years we were going to buy a house (and make some humans). In the end, we stayed here for over 6 years simply because it works; It’s close to town, has a patio, a few doors to slam, a workshop (or man cave), 3 levels to run around, a cozy fireplace and well it just ended up being home. On top of that it is a low maintenance home. We can take off at the drop of a hat (which we took full advantage of). There’s more than enough room for our toys (two motorbikes, peddle bikes, kiteboarding gear, Stand Up Paddle Board, boat stuff,  camping stuff and workshop)

So here we are. On the verge of making a massive change. Finally ready to let go, and now we are playing Real Estate Agents. Ok, so we are not real estate agents, we have not sold a house before but we are going to try.

Our house looks and feels amazing. We are officially ghosts living in a show home. The amusing part (not really) is that these are all things we could have done years before. But like all homeowners, the final fixes are not done until the very last minute.



If you know of anyone. Anyone. That may be interested, please pass the following link along. We are happy to show our home. Your support will be invaluable in selling this house. We couldn’t do this without you.









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