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How To Stop Your Boat from Sinking

We have seen our share of wrecks and mishaps. It’s sad and heartbreaking every time we stumble across one of these. It’s the end to someones dream. Could it have been prevented? Probably. Are we immune to these mistakes. Definitely not. We thought it might be helpful to share what we carry on board for worst case scenarios. 


June 11, 2020

Thanks Ben. SCUBA to tire tire filler usually available at most SCUBA shops or you can make
Stay safe. Enjoy the journeyduendis1


Wayne Baumunk
June 11, 2020

About keeping your boat from sinking
I have worked in marine business for the better part of 40 years. I have sunk a couple of boats and I have raised a few after they sunk
I have found that the simpler the solution usually the best solution
it is my opinion that if I were cruising I would carry 10 or 15 truck tire inner tubes. The bigger the better and a way to fill them off a scuba tank
when you hit something and water starts coming in you could place one of the tubes over the breach and inflate
If it gets worse place all tubes under the hull and inflate
I ve also often wondered if you could inflate your tender under the salon and inflate. This might also work using the survival raft
Just my thoughts
Wayne Baumunk. Tennessee USA


    June 11, 2020

    Love the inner tube idea Wayne! Would have to come up with a connector from scuba tank to inner tube but probably not hard. Pumps are nice but useless if you can’t stop the water from coming in.


Sandy Currie
June 8, 2020

Good topic. Lots of boaters have no clue what to expect if they get into that sort of situation.

Looking fwd to watching the video!!


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