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We are currently anchored off the north coast of Mindanao in the Philippines and are staging to sail south to Indonesia. Our location is currently hidden as a safety precaution. We thought it was timely to put together a little episode of what we do to defend against pirate attacks. We think these steps are fairly practical. Precautions that any sailor can take. The infrared alarms were purchased at Home Depot and have worked great here in the Philippines. We hope this helps you gather confidence as you set off. To re-iterate, 99.99% of the time people are lovely and go above and beyond to help you. These are measures we’ve put into place protect against the 0.01%.

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Sandy Graham
May 19, 2019

Do you have a list of all of your security equipment and ideas? Would love to print it out as a reference for when we get our boat! Great video! stay safe!


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