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Idiot at the Helm

First shakedown cruise is behind us. The word “epic” comes to mind. Everything that could break, did break. From simple stuff like the Stand Up Paddle board pump, fresh water pump to the engine. For me, the worst part was a massively simple mechanical mistake. I had done an oil change a month or so ago. An oil change includes changing the oil filter. Every oil filter has an rubber o-ring on it to create a leak-proof seal between it and the engine. Well, unknown to me at the time, I forgot to check if the o-ring was still on the filter. Long story short, this idiotic mistake left us stranded on Galiano Island with an engine gushing oil. A place with one mechanic (that doesn’t work on Sundays) and zero automotive stores.

I was nasty to be around. Bitchy. I knew it was my own fault and knew it was going to be hard to come across a spare o-ring on a hippy island. Luckily it turns out we knew someone on Galiano who was a Logger and Fisherman. This guy managed to fabricate us a new O-Ring, specific to our needs. A sweetheart to say the least.

But that was only one of several things that broke this trip. Our wonderful shitter managed to call it quits. I won’t get into the circumstances other than say we didn’t find out till the toilet was full. Not cool.

In the end, reconnecting with an old family friend. Awesome. Learning how to improvise mechanical bits such as o-rings. Eternally valuable. Learning how to fix a marine toilet. Well…necessary for those wanting to live aboard full time.









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