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INSANE Hike on Moorea – Adventure 26

Location: Moorea, French Polynesia

Moorea is insanely beautiful. The travel brochures do not lie. Those gorgeous resorts are on every corner. It is also only a short 2 hour sail from Tahiti. The slow pace was a welcomed treat after the hustle of Tahiti. Easily accomplished while anchored in eight feet of crystal clear water. The occasional ray cruising by. Likely commuting from Stingray City – a small spit of sand where they congregate daily. Waiting to be fed by the tourists. So eager and conditioned that they will nuzzle up to you as soon as you jump in.

But we don’t lounge for long. Oh noo. Not us. We have to behave like insane people. You see, one of the peaks overlooking the anchorage was whispering to us. “Come test me. I have gorgeous views and a killer ascent.” Perhaps we’re loosing our marbles the longer we stay out here.

What followed is one of our most epic memories in French Polynesia. A scramble to the top of Mount Rotui. A monster of a ridge. One that disappears into the clouds. 899 meters to ecstasy.

Each thing we’d read about this hike was the same; “Bring lots of water. Start at dawn. The mountains of Moorea are among the most rugged in the world and every bit as rugged as the Himalayas.”

Three quarters of the way up another group was descending. We carefully crossed paths without stepping too far off the narrow ridge. The excitement and smiles on their faces was palpable. It was only a matter of hours before we would summit. Delirium.

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Side note. Those incredible drone shots were captured with the DJI Mavic – We throw (literally) this tiny piece of magic into our backpack and take it everywhere. It bounces around the dinghy. It hikes to the top of mountains with us. Amazing piece of gear. If you’re in the market for one or thinking of getting a (super) early Christmas present. This is how we fly high (spare battery is a must): Click here to get yours today.


David Wadsworth
October 2, 2019

Link to your drone is not working?


Paul Cyr
October 16, 2017

hey you two, amazing video, again! I forgot to breath while watching you on that hike… insane drop. I would NOT have trusted that rope…hahahah! Ok, good trailer for next week… is that your boat beached on a reef!?!?


    November 7, 2017

    Thanks for being our #1 supporter Paul! You rock. Nah, not our boat. But scary nonetheless.


October 16, 2017

That hike looked amazing. Great video as always.


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