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Is Anybody In There?

There have been zero blog posts since we arrived in Virginia. What is wrong one might ask?  There are excuses. Many of them. Most based on a life of being busy…on land. Let’s see here. We drove up the east coast. Visited New York, Maine and crossed the border into Canada. That is, only after the border guard lightened our load of several bottles of wine and 12 beer. Onwards to into PEI and the land of Green Gables. Finally, one quick jaunt across several provinces and into BC and our hometown of Victoria. There’s been weddings, friend and family sightings. There’s a software startup I’m building. It’s busy!

So on that note, I officially declare a hiatus from writing for the past few months and possibly the next. We are planning on returning to the boat in October for a month of boat work. And then we’re off to the British Virgin Islands! 

But it’s not all bad news for you, my dear reader. Here’s a video to soothe your thirst of adventure.


Paul C
September 2, 2015

Awesome, love the video! Water Pigs!! Remind me again what I’m doing here in rainy Vancouver in an office? hehe Really hope to see you two before you head back over to the boat.


    September 3, 2015

    Hey Paul. There’s this little brick thingy you hold to your ear that allows you to make phone calls all over the world. I distinctly remember doing a screen share demo in my boat office with new clients while Ashley sailed into Nassau. I thought how the eff is no one else doing this? Often I feel guilty for cheating at Life 🙂


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