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its BROKE and there’s NO SPARE

Keeping a sailboat running and afloat is a constant, never-ending effort when you’re on a mission to sail around the world. An average day almost always contains some sort of boat maintenance. The problem is sometimes repairs require a technician or specialized tools. And in some countries there are no spare parts. Your options are to either fix it or well, fix it! The Philippines may have some of the most ingenious and skilled technicians we have come across to date. With some simple tools and a wealth of knowledge they were able to completely rebuild both our alternator and windlass. The added bonus? We saved thousands of dollars by not having a West Marine available. Winning.


September 10, 2019

Hello guys,
In one of your videos – I do not recall which one honestly – you are servicing the high pressure pump that send sea water through the membranes of your fresh water-maker. I seems that you are having trouble with the valve springs which apparently do not last long. Hope this is a brief description of the issue.

Well there is a possible solution to that: unless there is a mechanical problem that cause the spring to fail, the most likely issue is that the material of the spring – although sold has “stainless steel” is not the correct grade to give you the maximum resistance to the chemical aggression of sea water.

You need to use an alloy called ” HASTELLOY C-276 “. You may ask your pump manufacturer to produce some springs with this material and you will be fine for long time. I work for a company that produces large pumps for various applications on ships and rigs and for a water maker service (for very large ships) we use this material.

In reality for such a small springs upgrading to Hastelloy C it wont cost a fortune, as you will pay only the difference in price for the material itself, being all the other costs of manufacturing the same. Hope the above helps.

Thanks for your very inspirational videos and for your terrific positive attitude.

I have one question: if you have to tell how much time you spend in servicing or repair the CAT what would you say …for example ” number of hours in a week “?



August 15, 2019

Hi from a wet and cold “typical” August in England! I just wanted to say that your videos are an inspiration to me to pursue my dreams of sailing the world. I have had a really bad few years with the loss of both parents and my wife leaving me. But when I am down, I re watch some of your past videos which always lift me out of the doldrums… thank you! I think with each video you post I am closer to chasing the same dream you are living right now. All I have to do is continue to believe that 55 is the new 40….stop having excuses and get on with living the next chapter of my life! Again thanks and I look forward to your next post. Best wishes Paul


    August 19, 2019

    Sorry to hear about the streak of bad luck. Sounds like there’s a real opportunity to change things up. 55? You’re a young chicken. We’ve seen folks in their 70’s cruising the world.


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