Live Your Dream. Sail around the world.

It’s TOUGH Sailing Around the World!

22,000 nautical miles. 27 countries. We’ve had a good whack at circumnavigating and there are many hard times. Perhaps this little episode helps expose some of those harder moments. Often we edit and publish videos with the intent to help drive views which intern finances a piece of our journey. The trouble with that is we leave out the vulnerable moments. The breakdowns. The hardships. Perhaps we’ve turned a new leaf but our intent is to be more vulnerable going forward.

With Love,
Ben & Ash




September 16, 2020

Ahoy there Ash & Ben…is it too corny to use ‘Ahoy’? I started watching your vlogs chronologically just a few weeks ago and just came across the sad news about Ben’s father. My thoughts are with you & thank you for the joy and inspiration you bring into my life…I watch at least 1 or 2 videos before bed every night. I thought about my 92 year old father happily living in his home in Comox with his caregiver/wife and how he would feel if I decided to pull the plug from the Matrix and go discover the world. Life is about experiences and is never easy for those who take it by the horns.
Happy Trails!
Zoltan in Vancouver


Kathy Knight
July 18, 2019

Hi Ashley and Ben; We send our condolences to you, and very sorry to hear of your dad’s illness. You are both so amazing and so interesting to follow. Best wishes to you! Kathy and Doug


March 1, 2019

Dear Ben and Ash, We are so sorry for your loss, and hope you are comforted with family. We want to thank you both very much. Our family is so grateful for your trailblazing and courage to share your adventure with us. You two rock to the max (yeah I’m from the 80s totally ha!) Anyhoo, we want to send you thanks in any way we can because you have given us inspiration, laughter, tears, and boldness to live our dream. You really have given us, me, my life back now that we are inspired to live our dream. We are coming to cruise….first RV’ing to the coast. Much love to you and your family. Love and hugs, Julie and family


February 28, 2019

Keep up the inspirational content. My family (wife and 2 children) love watching your videos. Thank you for everything you both do and providing a glimpse of the world around us. God bless.


Meredith Atkinson
February 25, 2019

Hi Ben & Ashley….So sorry to hear of the passing of your loved one. You are always in our thoughts and prayers but especially during this difficult time.
Thanks for sharing your lives and adventures with all of us…. you’re both amazing and wonderful. I hope one day to meet you. Until then, safe travels.
Meredith A.


February 25, 2019

We watch you on AIS through the MarineTraffic app. I see you left the boat at Palau when you went to BC, and now you hang out there for a few days, then disappear from AIS for a while, probably gunkholing the area, which looks beautiful. Reminds me of the way we do things in the summer here aboard Great Ambition in Oregon. A few days in the slip, a couple of weeks gunkholing, then back to the slip for shopping, laundry, etc, then back out again. Love your videos. Bon Voyage.


Dave Byerly
February 24, 2019

My wife and I mourn for your father. May God comfort all whose heart is broken. We speak often of the dream of stepping off the dock and living a lifestyle similar to yours and Ashley’s. Children, grandchild and parents…the phone call that could come scares us most and has kept us from fulfilling that dream…yet.
We love your adventures and your stories. Please keep sharing.
Love from Texas


February 23, 2019

Hi Ben & Ash, you are great, your videos are way out there and I am sure your father would be amazed at what you are achieving and most of all you are living the dream. You are truly inspirational to others and may I pass my sincere condolences, just remember no one can ever take away the memories or love you have.they will remain forever in your heart.
Best regards


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