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Don’t Want to Go Home

Woke up this morning and didn’t immediately thought about all the stuff we have to do in order to go home; Clean, Pack, Drive, Get home and clean, Get read for work. I don’t think I’m alone. Many people probably wake up Sunday and start thinking about Monday. If you love your job, then thats great. But if you’re like us, you would rather drink another beer and push that thought out of your mind.

What is our solution? We said screw it. Lets have one more night at the family cabin and go home at 5am. Its only one more night, but bigger mental shift that allows you to enjoy the entire day.


Swimming at Keats Island


Diving at Keats Island


Swim at Keats


Keats Swim


Keats Island


Gibsons Swim


Sunshine Coast Swim


Found a cat today. Called him “Marmalade”. He has massive balls and we’re not sure if he’s a stray. Seems clean and not too skittish. But I’m not a big fan of cats in general because I get allergies. So does Ashley. But this dude sure thought he was part of the family. Tagged along for the first part of a walk.


Sunshine Coast Cat


Sunshine Coast Wifi


Cat Sunshine Coast


Salmon Rock is one of our favorite walks here on Keats Island. Its the tip of Keats that pokes furthest into the Strait of Georgia.

Sunshine Coast Keats Island


Tide Pools Keats Island


Tide Pools






This is our view tonight from our deck. Absolute glass out there. Lets hope it stays this way for the crossing tomorrow to Nanaimo from Gibsons.

Georgia Strait from Gibsons


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