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Kiteboarding with Sharks! – Adventure 22

With 77 Atolls, the Tuamotu are the epitome of the picturesque South Pacific. Each atoll is different and yet the same. Narrow bands of coral. Sometimes small motus (islands). Other times the reef is the only thing between you and the deep blue sea. 3000 meters of nothing but black. The insides of these atolls are, yup you guessed it, Paradise.

We found our piece of Paradise and visited just three of the atolls. Rairoia where Kontiki landed. Fakarava. One of the largest and um, more ‘metropolitan’, atolls with a population of around 800. Finally Toau. Population 3 – 12 depending on the season. And about one million coconut plus hundreds of coconut crabs.

This is not beginners cruising territory. Each atoll has a narrow pass from the outside filled with raging torrents of water. Trying to enter or exit through the tiny little opening needs to be done at full daylight and at the appropriate tide depending on whether you are entering or exiting the lagoon.

While exploring these three atolls I have to say we witnessed some of the best snorkeling and diving to date. And holy smokes, did we see SHARKS. Um, yeah Sharks a plenty, cute little black tips, feisty white tips and the not too be trusted greys.

In the next 2 episodes you will join us as we explore the Tuamotus on land, air and sea. Enjoy! Comment below if you are curious and have questions.

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