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Kites & Bears

Kiteboarding – The most amazing sport invented to date. You can surf, jump or just ride. I can’t put into words how awesome this sport is. I get shivers up my spine just thinking about how great this last weekend was. By far the most fun I’ve had in years. The closest comparison I’ve thought of is this: Most snowboarders and skiers are constantly in search of the perfect powder run. Over the last 10 years I have probably had a handful of those runs where you’re riding untouched bottomless powder. You get to the bottom and are ready to do it all over again, although by now, another 50 people have done that exact same run and it’s all tracked out. Kiteboarding is exactly like that first run. You get to carve waves, jump several stories high, throw in the random trick. It is the most liberating feeling I’ve ever had and it never ends. Well…until you run out of energy.





Lots of young kids with parents up at Nitinat.



Kiteboarding has been known as the CEO sport. I see why when someone flies in with a helicopter.




This was a first for Ashley at Nitinat lake and she loved it just as much as I. After 2 days of lessons she was charging upwind – The most difficult thing to do when learning is to stay upwind. The Kiteboarding school is awesome up there. Super friendly and very helpful. I can only say great things about Strong Kiteboarding.





Body dragging is the first step to learning kiteboarding. No board. Just you and the kite floating down the lake.


Ashley going upwind with her instructor, Marty, in the lead giving her tips.




Alien sighting







The kiteboarding community is extremely friendly. Everyone is welcoming and always watching out for your safety. If you’ve crashed your kite and don’t get it flying straight away there’s always someone that comes by and asks if your ok.









One morning Ashley was catching a few more Zzz’s while I was drinking a cup of coffee and reading my book when I started tuning into something that sounded that dog breathing deeply. It didn’t take long till I clued into the fact that there was a bear only feet behind me. Grabbing the camera I stood up, turn around and grabbed this shot. A cute little black bear waiting for me to leave so that he can get an easy meal.






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