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After a week at sea, we were happy to tuck into a decent marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We slept and rested for a day. Then it was off to work. We had major issues with our transmissions not going into gear. Days prior to departing the Bahamas the starboard engine wouldn’t consistently go into reverse while setting anchor. During the passage the port transmission acted up and refused to go into forward at times. It was time to deal with both. We would not be leaving Fajardo until this was fixed. A bit of research and talking to folks quickly revealed the issue was related to the “clutch cones”. Long story short the clutch needed to be extracted, taken apart, roughened up, and put back together. 

In the meantime, Ashley had set herself a deadline to sew an entire new set of cockpit cushions. A task that was monumental in itself.  What followed was a race to the finish line as we had guests arriving in exactly a weeks time. Twelve hour days. Sweat. Grease. Sore fingers.

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 2

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 3

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 1

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 5

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 7

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 4

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 8

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 10

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 11

clutch_cones_lagoon_410_ - 9

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