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Life Is Different Now


Peter Golan
September 22, 2020


A is for Ashley and B for Ben. The “Y” is like an anchor, you throw it out; unless your Canadian then it sticks like an anchor. A and B is what this song is about. I am an avid sailor and like your videos better than the others so I wrote this poem for you. I did write music for it however my recording skills are meek. It is in the key of A major. Maybe I Can get it done and put music to the lyrics in the future. Here we go.

The wind is brisk, the sun is out
Love racing sailboats without a doubt

Ashley wins about two of ten
Reason is she’s racing Ben!

Ben’s new Lido looks just great
Best to crew for goodness sake

They win and win not due to luck
All sailors know she’s sitting duck

Ben’s fishing he’s a stellar hand
130 pounds not leaving land

Big blue eyes and bright white teeth
A catch no-one could ever beat

Now Ben thinks should I catch and release
If he does he’ll be deceased

This is how their journey started
One thing Ben ain’t he’s not retarded

This poem may have gone too long
But if you like it I’ll send a song.

Peter Golan
[email protected]


    September 24, 2020

    We had a serious good chuckle reading this. This is awesome!!!!


Peter Golan
September 22, 2020

I wrote a song for you two awesome people. I am an avid sailor and wanted to send you the file but I have no means of doing so because I can’t find an e mail address or other means of sending it. Guess I am not computer literate. Please hit me back with an e mail addy and Ill send it to you. One line is “Ash wins one out of ten, because she is racing Ben”.Not exact but close.


Peter Golan
September 22, 2020

I was simply trying to subscribe. Not sure why you make it so difficult.


Paul Reeves
September 21, 2020

Jim Shanks in Monntreal asked me to contact you. I live in Thailand and I am building a Dixon/Prout 72 for him.
I have some advice on getting into the country
Floeth/Sea Searcher Yachts
Pattaya Thailand


September 21, 2020

Hey! Love ya’ll!!! This book helped us immensely with our kids. Changed our lives. Maybe it would help everyone out!
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September 21, 2020

Life is different for all of us right now. We’d planned to have a new boat and start our retirement dream of sailing from here in Ontario to the ICW this fall and then onto the Caribbean and who knows where as we are both at retirement age and this has been our dream. You may not always feel positive as we don’t either but you have your youth, a beautiful daughter and so many years ahead to realize your dreams. We are still looking at that retirement dream no matter what hurdles come at us. Sometimes it’s hard to think we will get there as the years are reducing for us in how many are left to realize those dreams. We, like you are sometimes less and less positive on the reality but your life dreams will happen as will ours and knowing that this crappy 2020 Covid year will eventually pass and you will get to where and what you want should be all you look forward to. 😊


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