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Lessons Learned Living on a Boat

The boating community is full of friendly people. Everyone waves. Everyone talks to each other on the dock. Travelling by boat is optimal; You simply move your house to the next bay, next cove. All of your clothes, dishes and food go with you. And, if your boat is big enough, you don’t even need to pack and unpack! Some observations and lessons during the last week:

Less is More

Our counter space is tiny. You can’t leave anything laying around. The upside is that less clutter creates less stress and by being forced to think about every dirty dish, every dirty sock and every little piece of clutter, forces you to keep a clean house.

Slower is Better

Living on a boat forces you to sit still and slows your mind so that it can think clearer. It is amazing how much we are constantly on our computers and phones at home. There are so many distractions that keep our minds busy; TV, laptops, iPad, Phone, Netflix, Downloads, Podcasts and Blogs to read. We actually opened our books for the first time in over four months.

Electricity is a Privilege

Let me clarify; Unlimited electricity is taken for granted in cities. We leave lights on. The Fridge runs 24×7. Dishwashers are at our convenience. Microwaves. Washing machines. When was the last time you plugged in your vacuum and pushed a button and it started sucking? What a great invention that we take for granted. Get a broom and a dust pan on a boat.

A good nights sleep

We are so thankful every time we get a goods night sleep on our boat. It has been often that we were kept awake at night by howling winds or slapping waves. At the end of this trip I would always Prepare for War before to going to bed. I would make sure everything was tied down. Everything was put away. Anchor was set and flashlights available in handy locations. Why? Because the one time you go to bed with the BBQ out, bottles strewn about and stuff not tied down you are guaranteed to wake up to howling winds on a lee shore with your anchor dragging.

We have found that it is these small lessons and constraints make you appreciate the wonders we have at home. But this appreciation also fades quickly. After one night at home, the dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum all seem normal and absolutely necessary. I’m unsure how to summarize this other than to say: Less is more – The less you have, the more you appreciate what you have.




Some more pics from the last few days….



Searching for a spot to drop the Prawn trap.


This was an awesome rope swing we found just on edge of a cliff. Ashley got me close enough to grab on from the front deck. Problem was that I didn’t have enough momentum to get back to to the cliff. So I ended up having to push off the cliff three or four times in order to get enough momentum to get a solid footing.




An awesome collapsible prawn trap from my parents. Ended up catching 19, big prawns overnight!



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