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Lost – Adventure 42

We are now in the most Eastern group of Fiji and have found a completely uninhabited island. Well, actually its not an island, we are officially at a reef, but the sandbank is always there, so I proclaim it an island. This is such a cool place. A place of life and death. We were not there in time to witness life. But death equally held awe and beauty.

Duff reef is a turtle breeding island. It is rarely visited and therefore essentially protected by its own location. We were moved to have the privilege to visit this little spot on our planet. A place like this has to have a catch right? And it did. The anchorage was not a very hospitable. We didn’t doddle for days. One night was unfortunately enough. Enough in the sense we should have installed seatbelts to keep us in bed. Monster side swell kept us airborne most of the time. Quickly we were off to the next island group.

Welcome Fulanga! At the very south east of Fiji it is upwind from everywhere. We were so thrilled to have the weather and the time to visit there with Ashley’s Mom. Fulanga is special place. A welcoming place. A place of shy and wide smiles. Of beautiful people who set themselves apart by adopting the cruisers that dare to venture there. Tui and his sister, Koro, adopted us and allowed us a few special moments with their family. You will have to stay tuned for the next episode as we really immerse ourselves in the village.

We are slowly making our way deeper and deeper into the South Pacific. It’s a far cry from New Zealand and although we love them both, we sometimes feel we are on borrowed time. Perhaps it is we are between periods of our lives. Perhaps it is we are just passing through this part of the world. Our constant is our home, Nahoa. Three years out cruising and we are lost. We know exactly where we are, but we are unsure of our future and even our next destination as plans are changing constantly. And so life goes. Even in paradise there are ups. Amazing inspirational days and downs. When you have doubt. When you don’t know your next purpose. I suppose we are human after all. But suffice it to say we aren’t ready for this crazy journey to end anytime soon. So not to worry, we will continue to see what this entire world has to offer…. wherever that may lead us on this beautiful journey aboard NAHOA.

With Love, Ben & Ashley

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