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The Exotic Marquesas – Adventure 20

Wow! Episode 20. Twenty movies. It’s been a fun ride. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy this episode…

Rugged. Remote. Exotic. The Marquesas are a wild place. So wild that Fatu Hiva is only accessible by boat. Only after hiking across the island we understand why. Mountains rage up into the clouds. Jungle covers the valley floor. Only a couple of villages dot the landscape with a handful of inhabitants. Here the waterfalls are just as impressive as the torrential rain.

After a week of exploring and feasting tuna with locals we make our way to the other side of the Marquesas, Nuka Hiva. Our first taste of civilization. An island with a supermarket, diesel and french baguettes! Vegetables are a rather rare commodity here. At 0430 the farmers market starts. By 0500 everything is sold out.

Life is certainly an adventure. Check out the video to catch a glimpse of our time in this exotic, rugged and wild place!

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