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Last Day of the Season

We love our local ski hill. Its steep, deep and small. No run takes more than 15 minutes. And the politics are endless, not that we get involved. To clarify, by ‘deep’ I mean west-coast deep; Its not unusual to get several feet of powder, but if you sleep in, you may be skiing powder-snot that’s just a titch heavy.

Waxing is a MUST in the Spring

At the end of every season there is always the “Downhill Dummy”.   The Dummy, one of the most critically acclaimed events of the season, brings unique homemade concoctions to the slopes of Mount Washington. This year’s turnout was decent and the weather was fantastic.

Mt Washington Dummy Downhill




There were a few that just soared off the jump and a few just disintegrated right out of the gate.




Thanks Mt Washington. You’ve been good to us this year. We will miss you. Come September, we’ll be waiting for your first dusting of snow. October will bring hallucinations of sweet turns. November will turn into frustration since you never open till December. But we love you nonetheless.

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