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New Site. New Address. Faster.

We’ve moved. Digitally. What used to be is now You likely didn’t even notice. But if you do wander over to the old site, you will be automatically brought back to the future (here).

Easier right? The .ca makes sense. We are from Canada. Eh. I never liked that previous name. Too much of a mouthful. People are starting to ask more frequently now. “Are you going to have a blog?” No more need to recite an entire sentence out of a book every time. I used to give them that old (three) name url and simply smile. Thinking ‘Good luck with that. You are never going to remember that address when you get home.’

You’ll also notice new links up top. More to come as we progress. But our Videos are up and a few important posts & pages linked.  Oh. And this thing is oodles faster than the old site. Take it for a test drive if you like. It’s all a bit of a work in progress so bear with us. If you notice something is off, drop me a line via the Contact Us page.



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