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Anniversaries & Kiteboarding

Well here we are at the end of another summer. It has been one of the most amazing summers for myself; Self employment, flexible hours, happy clients and kiteboarding. To say I am grateful would be an understatement.


To top it all off, Ashley and I celebrated our Anniversary with a trip to Nitinat lake. It turned out to be two days of frustration for Ash with success on the third. Ashley would go out at the top of the beach and I’d wait on shore, pacing her as she went back and forth, eventually ending up at the bottom of the beach. I’d hook into her kite and sail it back upwind while she walked back up the beach. This went relatively well except for day 2 where the wind shut down instantly and abruptly. We both ended up having to swim back to the beach.


Champagne on the beach followed to celebrate our 8 year anniversary.










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