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The House is Gone

It’s starting to sink in that the house is sold. Either that or the focus has shifted onto the next monumental task of actually getting ready to become nomads. Everything must go. Either into storage or sell. We did one gutting of our house in early spring prior to listing it. That should help. I’ve digitized most of our documents and slimmed down the clutter somewhat. But there remains a lot.


With regards to the house; Initially we set our price at $409,900. That (high) price along with being listed on the private market didn’t bring in any bites. Quickly we dropped to $399,900. After tons of traffic but no bites, we stopped going private and listed with a real estate agent. This was what they call  a ‘mere’ listing. Essentially your agent puts the house on, THE website for listing your house in Canada. Playing along with the rules of the Mafia (errr Real Estate agents), we thought an offer would come in quickly. Not so. We ended up waiting over 5 months to get a realistic offer. At this point we need to move on and focus on the next step – Buying a boat!


She was a fine home albeit small. The kitchen was tiny which, I suppose, will help us get used to living aboard. Good Bye Pembroke Street. You’ve been good to us. We’ve outgrown you and hope you’ll be a great place for the next owners.

Alright, enough with the sentimentality. It’s just plywood and stucco right? Below are some house pictures for those that missed them.














September 27, 2014

Ashley and Ben.
We know exactly what you are going through as we did the same four years ago. We sold the house and everything else to buy a boat and since then we have been living aboard and sailing the world.
There is a lot of emotion, times when things go too slowly and times when they go too fast but very soon you will be out there following your dream.
We have never once regretted it and have had the most amazing four years seeing amazing countries and meeting wonderful people.
Just don’t tell anyone else what life this is as they will all want to try.
We wish you all that you would wish yourselves.


    September 29, 2014

    Thanks Mark! I promise I won’t tell anyone 😉


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