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People Eat These

This is big money in the Louisiades and so important to the locals for a way of earning cold hard cash. Beche de Mer season was upon the Louisiades and Wow what a vibe! The guys were out diving daily collecting their loot. The outer islands, normally uninhabited, had fishing camps everywhere. These guys were good too. They can stay down for upwards of 5 minutes and they are pros at harvesting these slimy beasts. There were racks and racks of disgusting looking sea cucumbers drying it out in preparation for the buyers.

The South Pacific season was getting near its end and it was time for us to be moving on to avoid the cyclones that can spin up in these parts. Our South Pacific Crossing has been an amazing experience and the Louisiades were like the icing on the cake. We can’t get over how unique that place was and it will forever hold a place in our hearts. The people, the beauty both above and below the water were incredible. But just like that with mixed feelings, we were making a brief stopover in Port Moresby before heading out of the South Pacific towards the Indian Ocean…. or were we?

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March 4, 2019

I was really shocked and disappointed in how you portrayed Port Moresby. I feel this related more to sensationalism than your actual experiences here. I saw the shot you shared that was taken from social media…. I also know people went out of their way to assist you during your stay. I feel sad for all the amazing people from across the country who share this city in peace. Sensationalism like this perpetuates the stereo types and fails to see the great advances and kindness that I have seen in my 8 years of living and sailing here.
Feeling very disappointed.


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