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Organized Chaos accurately describes the Philippines. It’s amazing. It’s awaking. It makes you feel alive.

Our 16 hour long haul flight went quite well. Good service. Tons of food and we managed to pay an extra $50 per person for bulk head seats. Well worth it. Ashley slept for a good 10 hours. I managed to sneek in a few naps in 1 hour increments. After arriving in Manilla, we found out our flight to Boracay had been cancelled. Long story short, we ended up being delayed by 6 hours and were diverted to another town requiring a 2 hours bus ride to Boracay. We made it and we’re grateful to be here.

These tricycles are a normal scene here. Everyone gets around by tricycle and it’s not unusual to see 8+ people in them. The best part; They’re dirt cheap. 1 hour costs $7.5o.








We took a tricycle tour around half the island today. A whopping $15 for a custom 2 hour tour. It opened our eyes to how the some of the locals live. They are dirt poor. And by that I mean no sanitation, no heat and little electricity. They mostly live right next to the road in little shacks. Although they might have a hard life, the kids are always outside laughing and playing.



A typical bangka sailboat. The sails on almost all of these are made of blue nylon tarp. No need for expensive sails. These work!



Stumbled across this kiddo at the side of the road today and snapped a random, quick picture. I thought he had toygun under his chin. Turns out I was wrong. Very wrong. That is a real gun and he has the magazine in his other hand. I can’t tell from the picture, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s holding a bullet in his left hand.





This is a normal sight outside of the tourist area; Mom with multiple kids all playing in the dirt, smiling, laughing. Basketball is big here. I’ve seen a few basket ball courts on dirt.




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