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We’re Back!

We’re back and reality has taken a firm hold once again. Ashley is already back over in Europe on business. I’m bachelor.


Our time in the Philippines was absolutely amazing albeit fading quickly. Would we go back? Yes, but first a relaxing vacation. Was it a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? I don’t think so. Something was missing for me. The content-ness wasn’t there. We were getting there towards the end of our three weeks. I was into book #2. Yes, I’m a slow reader. But something was starting to click. The daily hassles and thoughts had faded to the point of being able to fully enjoy every moment in it’s fullest sense. But it must say something about our life back home if it takes us 3 weeks to fully relax.


Typical Ash/Ben fashion, two days after rolling into town, we were dog sitting and spending time at our local ski cabin. This little goof is Grimby. He is the sweetest little Boston Terrier. He wasn’t so sure about the snow at first. But then, when he got into it he decided chasing disappearing snowballs was his long lost past time. He doesn’t like to wait around for you to pick up his poo tho at the mountain. He figures stealing his poo is our job and he should be allowed to get back to the fireplace asap.




He switches favorites whatever suits him. Sometimes we’ll find him on my car seat when we come back from buying groceries. Other times he decides Ashley is the best. Nonetheless, we love this little guy as if he’s our own. Dog sitting is the best of both worlds in our opinion; No long term hassle yet short term reward.


I will be posting 21 days of Philippines in the coming weeks. One picture per day from our hand selected favorites. Hope you enjoy.





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