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Pirate or fisherman?

Altruism and Risk. The two go hand in hand. Over the years we have sailed into some of the most remote regions. We’ve anchored in front of some of the poorest villages. Not once have we encountered situations where someone has harmed us. This is not a coincidence. The world is filled with people who are genuinely interested in your welfare. If there is only one lesson we would take away from sailing half way around the world it would be exactly this. People are awesome.


May 19, 2020

Thank you for nice postings. I love how you handled those three boats with five guys each.. Plus you ended up with a new spear 🙂 I get the dilemma- “how to tell fishermen from pirates”.. Kind of like telling a panhandler walking up to your parked car from a car jacker.. Crazy.. Most people you experienced have been good and what a blessing! Your spear will have a great message and story later…:)


August 26, 2019

Very good comments and video. Welcome to Indonesia where I live. Enjoy the beauty of the people and the country.

My family and I enjoy your videos so much.


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