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How to Sail Around the World

There’s lots of ways to sail around the world. If you’re racing, you often use storms in the southern ocean to propel you along. It’s a completely different approach. One that requires serious boats that are built for those conditions. We on the other hand sail around the world by staying more or less in […]

SEARCHED by Indonesian Customs

Every country we visit has a different set of rules for entry. Customs, Quarantine, Immigration and the Port Captain typically all require paperwork. We usually budget an entire day for this process. The trick is to show good will. To allow access to your entire boat. This we have found expedites the process more than […]


Sometimes life out here is a bit crazy. This was one of those nights. We had run out of options on where to anchor. Dusk was upon us and we had to pull over. Almost immediately after dark all these fishermen started fishing around us. Why here? Why now? It just didn’t make sense. Well […]

Pirate or fisherman?

Altruism and Risk. The two go hand in hand. Over the years we have sailed into some of the most remote regions. We’ve anchored in front of some of the poorest villages. Not once have we encountered situations where someone has harmed us. This is not a coincidence. The world is filled with people who […]

ANYTHING is POSSIBLE in the Philippines

In the western world we stock replacement parts while the rest of the world uses donor parts. It’s a completely different mindset. Yes we can fix it. Yes we can build an adapter. Yes we can fill that. They often do not have the cash to replace and if they do, the actual parts are […]

its BROKE and there’s NO SPARE

Keeping a sailboat running and afloat is a constant, never-ending effort when you’re on a mission to sail around the world. An average day almost always contains some sort of boat maintenance. The problem is sometimes repairs require a technician or specialized tools. And in some countries there are no spare parts. Your options are […]

sailing at Night in the Philippines

Cities and ports are necessary evils while sailing around the world. We try to stay on anchor most of the time. It’s free and way more beautiful. But now and then we have to pull into port for repairs or government formalities. In order to get there, and position ourselves for the sail down to […]

SPOTLIGHT Fishing Filipino Style

In all of our travels we have never seen so many fishing boats as in the Philippines. Not big ones. Just small outrigger style canoes that typically hold two to four people. It’s pretty neat. As soon as they start the engine the propeller starts spinning. No clutch. No gearbox. Just an engine directly hooked […]

one of the BEST spots in the WORLD

What constitutes a perfect travel destination? It’s a tough question. Over the years we have found a few. El Nido, and the Philippines in general, ranks at the top. What’s our criteria? A few! Cost, safety, accessibility, and amenities. The Philippines is really really affordable. The most expensive thing is the flight to get here. […]

stuck & SWARMED by BEES…

El Nido in the Philippines has a bylaw which forbids all single use plastics (bags, straws, food packaging). Even water bottles were banned on all the tourist tours. I’d say that’s pretty progressive for a developing country and honestly much further ahead than, for example, our home town in Canada. That said, currents and tides […]

HALF WAY around the world – just another day

We started this circumnavigation over four years ago. At the time we thought we’d finish this lap in 2-3 years. Where did the time go? Unlike the the Volvo Ocean Race or the Clipper Round the World crews, we pull over at each and every island. It’s these sort of side explorations that have led […]


There is something incredibly pure and rewarding in being able to harness wind in the discipline of kiteboarding. The kite becomes and extension of your arms. The board an extension of your legs. Your mind is firing on all cylinders. I can’t possibly put it into words. It is an awesome feeling. Call it an […]

How we Got to 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS

100,000 subscribers! It’s just a number. It could be any number. But at some point you might as well celebrate some numbers. Below is the gear we use. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter that much and often we just grab whatever camera is closest including the phone. Go checkout some of these guys: […]

INSIDE a Cockfighting Pit

From pig sacrifices and traditional dance in Vanuatu to cockfighting in the Philippines. It’s been eye opening travelling the world. It’s challenged our beliefs. A large part is noticing the treatment of animals as we walk through villages. They’re often free range. If not, they’re tied via a rope to their ankle. They seem to […]


We are currently anchored off the north coast of Mindanao in the Philippines and are staging to sail south to Indonesia. Our location is currently hidden as a safety precaution. We thought it was timely to put together a little episode of what we do to defend against pirate attacks. We think these steps are […]


Sometimes while travelling serendipitous opportunities pop up. We’d seen these crazy guys about two days out from the Philippine coastline and were so intrigued by their vessel. (Honestly a little intimidated as well). After making friends with a local, we arranged to board and tour their vessel. Luckily one of the guys even spoke english […]


Planning is one of the most important aspects of sailing around the world. We often spend days or weeks researching new countries and the Philippines was no exception. Most round-the-world cruisers pass through Indonesia. It’s safe. There is lots of information from previous sailors. But that doesn’t necessarily make it the best route. After reading […]


A lot of you have asked us how border crossings work on a sailboat. So we thought it was time to make a video showing you first hand while also giving you a bit more context of alternate scenarios we’ve encountered in the past. You will find a bunch of different forms and sites we […]

Behind The Scenes: CRACKED Bulkheads. BROKEN Clutches. LEAKING Escape Hatches…PARADISE

This video has been a struggle to make. Sometimes sailing life isn’t as exciting as you think. Sometimes we just sit in an anchorage for weeks on end, sweating & fixing the boat with an occasional excursion. What’s the story here? Well perhaps multiple. Next we’re off to the Philippines. What a ride that’s going […]

Bat Soup and Other Crazy Food we’ve Eaten

Ok, so things are getting weirder the further we travel. In this past year we have had some pretty crazy foods including Bat Soup, Turtle Intestines in blood as well as Sea Cucumber. Not to mention the Balot we eat at the end of this video. The crazy thing is that nothing was really ever […]

TIGER Shark EATS Manta Ray

We got a doozie for you. An action packed adventure in Palau which turns out to be a pretty fun place! Hope you enjoy this one. We are off to another island which likely won’t have internet nor cell coverage. We will be back in about a weeks time. Until then, let us know what […]

Sail Inventory of an Offshore Sailing Catamaran

The sails in your sail locker make a huge difference when cruising longterm offshore. You need to be able to pull out different weight clothes for different wind angles and strengths. In this video we try to break things down as simple as possible without boring you. Hopefully we achieved a good balance. You can […]

What Makes a Comfy Passage?

As you read this we will be on our way to the Philippines. You can see our track here: We’ve included a whole whack of links below for your perusing pleasure. Let us know if you have any questions! We will be back online in about a weeks time …. As soon as we […]

It’s TOUGH Sailing Around the World!

22,000 nautical miles. 27 countries. We’ve had a good whack at circumnavigating and there are many hard times. Perhaps this little episode helps expose some of those harder moments. Often we edit and publish videos with the intent to help drive views which intern finances a piece of our journey. The trouble with that is […]

People Eat These

This is big money in the Louisiades and so important to the locals for a way of earning cold hard cash. Beche de Mer season was upon the Louisiades and Wow what a vibe! The guys were out diving daily collecting their loot. The outer islands, normally uninhabited, had fishing camps everywhere. These guys were […]

How We Set Sail Around the World at Age 35

Well here it is. Our story of how we quit the rat race. How we’re sailing around the world in our mid 30’s. It’s nothing special. We’re not trust fund babies. We simply worked hard. Made some strategic decisions and went full throttle. Often life is defined by a few key decisions. A few moments […]

These Sailing Canoes Transport Families Hundreds of Miles

As we’ve travelled deeper and deeper into the South Pacific we’ve seen fiberglass speedboats replaced by paddling canoes. But it wasn’t until we arrived in the Louisiades that we spotted our first Sailau; The traditional sailing canoe still used to this day to travel to and from mainland Papua New Guinea which is hundreds of […]

Crossing Cultures Thru Kiteboarding

Well this was a first. Kiteboarding where they had never seen the sport of kiteboarding before! We were looking for a good beach to walk and stumbled into this massive, windward beach on an island called Panacia. Turns out there were multiple families living in grass huts as they do. We got thinking, this beach […]

Safe? Sailing to Papua New Guinea…

A lot goes on behind the scenes before we set sail to any country. Ashley will spend weeks reading online reports. We talk to the cruising community. Papua New Guinea was no exception. In the broader sense, there are many cities which have unsafe areas. Whether that’s downtown east-side in Vancouver or Southeast Los Angeles. Yes, […]

Top Travel Destinations in the South Pacific

Happy New Years to all you wonderful humans! We thought it time to publish our Top 10 spots we visited in the South Pacific. We added a bunch of links below. If you need any more detailed information, just ask and we’ll give you the inside scoop! We just passed thru this region mere months […]

Most Accessible and Affordable WRECK Dive

Have you ever gone on vacation with no expectations? Vanuatu is one of those places where you think it’s just an average country but are absolutely floored by what it has to offer. This country is incredibly alive in terms of culture not to mention underwater wrecks. Being a staging base for World War II, […]

Want to Catch BIG FISH?

We just pulled into port after 10 days at sea and it’s so great to see all of your smiling faces again! On passage we made a little edit detailing how we catch, land and process all the monster fish we bring aboard. Our hope is that this helps you in outfitting and planning your […]

Basic Offshore Sailing 2

We thought we’d share another sampling of what life is like out here. This one contains a bit of running from cyclones, Satellite connectivity and Fuel management. When you see this we will likely have just crossed north of the equator as we sail to Palau. We would love to hear your questions in the […]

How did this MegaYacht end up here?

Interesting things happen when you live on a boat full time. We’ve compiled a handful of experiences from Vanuatu in this little vlog. Enjoy! 


Offshore sailing is a magical time and offers an opportunity to unwind, reflect and enjoy the incredible experience of bobbing on a relatively very tiny piece of fiberglass on the huge magnificent ocean. We are rarely disappointed by mother nature! If its not the sea surprising us, a glimpse up at the night sky usually […]

A Rare Glimpse into a Tribe from Vanuatu – Adventure 47

We’re back! We may have found the only remaining spot on earth that does not have cell coverage! We have been travelling thru Papua New Guinea and just pulled into Port Moresby (possibly the most dangerous city in the world). Enjoy this little edit from Vanuatu and apologies for the delay! Exploring Central Vanuatu was […]


Well we weren’t expecting this when we set sail for Vanuatu! We knew there was a Volcano in Tanna. We thought it would be relatively safe to visit given it’s open to the public. Luckily for us, it turns out Vanuatu has rather lax safety regulations making for an extraordinary adventure.

How to FILLET in under 10 minutes

Processing your catch is part of life out here and you get a lot better the more you catch! In the few past years we have processed almost every tropical fish imaginable. Here are a few tips to get you started. Full Recipe is available over here (in Digital Downloads)

Diving with Peaceful Giants

First some news! We’re pretty excited but we just officially launched our own Shop! Go check it out by clicking here. Now to this weeks video. Fiji is a fantastic mixing pot of culture. With a massive Indian influence in the major cities to Kava drinking locals in the outer islands. It is an experience […]

What SPARE PARTS are CRITICAL when Sailing Around The World?!?

We have bobbed around oceans for close to 4 years now and have logged well over 10,000 nautical miles. In that time, we have made a lot of mistakes and have had to fix almost every component on our boat. We want to share some of the mistakes we’ve made so that you don’t have […]

Top #1 Island in South Pacific

Situated in the very South east corner of Fiji, Fulanga is about as far from civilization as you can get. It is one of the most beautiful places we have been to in the world. Yes, the world. Fulanga has it all. A beautiful protected lagoon with crystal clear waters, abundant sea life, corals that […]

Systems and Components of an Offshore Sailing Catamaran

After three and a half years of sailing around the world and well over 10000 nautical miles we wanted to give you a tour of our floating home as it is now. Nahoa is a 2005 Lagoon 410 owner’s version that has carried us all this way. We have worked hard over these last years […]

TEASERS: Our SECRET Fishing Weapon!

The second lesson in our “School of Fish” series is hot off the press. If you have any additional questions fire away in the comments below.  Additionally, here are some ideas on what to purchase if you don’t already have these in your arsenal: Daisy Chain Teaser Birds Gaff Trolling Skirts Good Filet Knife Cedar […]


Fulaga, How beautiful you are! Visiting Fulaga (Fulanga) was one of those bucket list places for me. One of those places you have heard about, but almost cant fathom going to yourself. Well we made it. It wasn’t easy beating straight upwind from basically everywhere else in Fiji. It was more than worth it. If […]

Lost – Adventure 42

We are now in the most Eastern group of Fiji and have found a completely uninhabited island. Well, actually its not an island, we are officially at a reef, but the sandbank is always there, so I proclaim it an island. This is such a cool place. A place of life and death. We were […]


Fish crazy? Pretty much! Every chance we get, the lines will be out. It’s how we supplement our meals out here. We don’t always catch so when we do, we fill our freezer and live off our catch for as long as possible. Catching and slaying fish is raw and real. Some people have a […]

could this be PARADISE!

After landing in Port Denerau we picked up Ashley’s mom and immediately booked it to windward Lau Island group. This part of Fiji is considered the most remote in Fiji. There is no customs and immigration there hence our first stop on the main island. But hey, the harder you work for something the more […]

Why the LITTLE MOMENTS matter MOST – Adventure 40

We’ll let this video speak for itself. Enjoy the laugh. Love, Ben & Ashley   

Heavy Weather Sailing to Fiji – Adventure 39

After an epic few months hanging out in New Zealand it was time to Go! There was a definite chill in the air. We were finally ready with the bilges full of provisions. Leaving port and going offshore is a decision we don’t take lightly. One that includes pouring over weather forecasts in the week […]

DODGING 50 KNOT STORMS in New Zealand – Adventure 38

New Zealand, New Zealand how beautiful you are! With the end of summer approaching and boat work dragging on it was time to get out of the bilges and go sail. Go sail the great Hauraki Gulf. We needed to get back to our usual shenanigans of hiking, fishing, diving, and getting a little crazy… […]

it’s NOT that hard – Adventure 37

The long overdue adventure thirty seven is brought to you from the bilges of Nahoa! After a year and a half and over 10,000 nautical miles of sailing our beautiful catamaran needed a little, okay maybe a lot of TLC, and a few changes to make life better. Nahoa travels on an increasingly tight budget […]

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The End of the Endless Summer…

Winter. What’s winter? Cruising around the world more or less near the equator has meant we have had pretty much three years of perpetual Summer. Just how we like it! But after many months of cruising, we decided to pop home for a visit. Well it turns out summer in the southern hemisphere (aka cyclone […]

The COOLEST THING we’ve ever Done – Adventure 35

How do you describe New Zealand? I don’t think there is anything we could put into words to give this place justice. It is insanely beautiful. Lush green vistas. Picturesque sunsets. Plentiful fish. Upon arriving during New Zealands spring, we managed to squeeze in endless hikes throughout the Bay of Islands. A quick trip around […]


Hello! We are alive! Finally a new video. We are back and in action after a minor boat refit down here in New Zealand. In this epic video as we check out of Tonga and hit the high seas for our much anticipated passage to New Zealand. We had a hilarious run-around just trying to […]

The Value of Fear & Kiteboarding Tonga – Adventure 33

Location: Ha’apai, Tonga Tonga is truly breathtaking. Popular Fiji lies less than a thousand miles to the west yet Tonga is desolate. A hidden gem. An undiscovered paradise available to those willing to venture from the beaten path. We finished off our month-long stay in Tonga in the absolutely breathtaking Ha’apai group. Probably some of […]

swimming with 40 TONNE BEASTS

Location: Ha’apai, Tonga Tonga is one of the few places in the world where you are actually allowed to swim with whales. Although we had seen many Humpbacks surface close to our boatwhile sailing, it proved impossible for one of us to jump in while the other handled the boat. Either the wave conditions were […]

The Secret World of Tonga – Adventure 31

Location: Vava’u, Tonga Tonga, the unexpected Oasis. When we set off this season, Tonga was on the list but it was heavily overshadowed by the likes of French Polynesia, Marquesas and the Cook Islands. The focus was on places like Bora Bora, Mo’orea and Aitutaki. So let me tell you, we were very surprised by […]

Sailors in the Snow!

Location: Vancouver Island We hope you are staying warm wherever you are! It’s great to be home visiting family after a year away. Love, Ben & Ash   

CARNAGE at Beveridge REEF – Adventure 30 of Sailing Around the World

Location: Beveridge Reef, Pacific Ocean As we get further into this season we sail deeper and deeper into the remote reaches of the South Pacific. The further we go, the more adventure we find. More than we could have ever imagined. In this action packed movie we head out from the beautiful island of Aitutaki. A […]

DENIED in the Kitesurfing MECCA – Adventure 30 (Sailing Around the World)

Location: Aitutaki, Cook Islands Aitutaki is a gem of the South Pacific islands. A place where kitesurfers congregate. After a three day sail from Bora Bora we pulled into Aitutaki with plans to stay a month. Unfortunately for us, a new law had been passed that disallowed the use of tenders by any yacht inside […]

Don’t Do This At Home – Adventure 28

From the tragedy of Huahine to the undersea playground of Tahaa and Bora Bora. Epic! The lagoon waters do not get any better than this. Turquoise as far as the eye can see. These are the gems of the South Pacific. We spent a couple weeks chilling out, exploring and waiting on weather before heading […]

Collision at Night! The Tanda Malaika Wreck – Adventure 27

Location: Huahine, French Polynesia After beautiful Moorea our next stop was Huahine. Just over eighty nautical miles away. Close enough to contemplate a day-time passage if you have a fast boat. Tanda Malaika set off at first light but unfortunately did not make it in before dark. After the sun set they collided with the reef […]

INSANE Hike on Moorea – Adventure 26

Location: Moorea, French Polynesia Moorea is insanely beautiful. The travel brochures do not lie. Those gorgeous resorts are on every corner. It is also only a short 2 hour sail from Tahiti. The slow pace was a welcomed treat after the hustle of Tahiti. Easily accomplished while anchored in eight feet of crystal clear water. […]

About our Polynesian Tattoos – Adventure 25

Civilization. Wow. It had been a long time since we had seen lettuce, ahem, I mean traffic. We pulled into Pape’ete after a short 18 hour sail from the isolation of the Tuamotus and it was like entering another world. A City! Traffic, Pollution, Carefour (thats french an amazing version of grocery shopping). Pape’ete was […]

We Went HUNTING at NIGHT – Adventure 24

From the depths of the South Pacific. While jumping from atoll to atoll we came across one which seemed particularly remote. Think population of 10. Middle of nowhere. Nothing but a few guys working the coconut trees. Often sleeping in hammocks. Living off nothing other than rain water, fish and well, coconut. Export of Copra, […]

Diving with Sharks – Adventure 23

Sharks. They’re everywhere in the Tuamotus Islands. Black tips. White tips and Greys. And others lurking in the shadows. We were definitely intimidated when we first arrived. Scared to get in the water while these guys swam at our back step. But slowly, very cautiously, we warmed up to these cuties. They were just coming […]

Kiteboarding with Sharks! – Adventure 22

With 77 Atolls, the Tuamotu are the epitome of the picturesque South Pacific. Each atoll is different and yet the same. Narrow bands of coral. Sometimes small motus (islands). Other times the reef is the only thing between you and the deep blue sea. 3000 meters of nothing but black. The insides of these atolls […]

Ripped Mainsail 1/2 to New Zealand – Adventure 21

Our mainsail took an absolute beating on the Pacific crossing. Nineteen days of sun, chafe and wave slap turned it into a raggity, bagged out piece of cloth. We knew it was in bad shape but thought we could baby it to New Zealand. We were wrong. In one small upwind stint, we tore the […]

The Exotic Marquesas – Adventure 20

Wow! Episode 20. Twenty movies. It’s been a fun ride. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy this episode… Rugged. Remote. Exotic. The Marquesas are a wild place. So wild that Fatu Hiva is only accessible by boat. Only after hiking across the island we understand why. Mountains rage up into the clouds. Jungle covers […]

The Life Raft Experiment – Adventure 19

Will an expired liferaft float? What’s inside of these things? How do they work? These things aren’t cheap so it was discussed whether we could trust our old one and just have it repacked or get a new one. We ended up choosing to get a new one. There are many options to decide from. Some […]

Crossing the Pacific. 19 Days at Sea – Adventure 18

We made it! No wait. Holy crap we did it! We crossed the Pacific Ocean! WOOOT! Such a milestone and a huge bucket list item ticked off the list. I feel like we are finally real salty sailors. In reality we, have had much worse yet shorter passages so this one was pretty awesome. Not […]

Life In The Slow Lane

Just a quick update as internet is very sparse out here. Since we have arrived in French Polynesia, we have cruised through the breathtaking and rather wet Marquesas and are now in the Tuamotu. The underwater life here is just incredible! It is absolutely alive below the surface. Friendly and not so friendly sharks circle our back […]

Video: 17 Hours of Sex with Galapagos Giant Land Tortoises – Adventure 17

We have more Galapagos goodness for you. Episode 17 has more of the top celebrities from the Galapagos including Blue Footed Boobies, White Tip Sharks, more Sea Lions and of course the Giant Land Tortoise. Hope you enjoy. Coming up next is our 19 day passage across the Pacific.  

Video: 7 Days at Sea. Sailing to the Galapagos – Adventure 16

After 7 days at sea we land in the Galapagos. A place full of life both above and below water. Sea lions promptly invade our cockpit. What an awesome place to explore by sailboat. We hope you enjoy this episode. With love, Ben & Ash  

Video: Car Crash in Panama City – Adventure 15

Rental cars are really cheap in Panama city. Something like $10 per day. But then they tack on $50 worth of car insurance. Mandatory car insurance. We ended up attempting to decline all insurance. It was a long and futile argument that ended with us paying for the expensive, mandatory low end insurance. The roads are quite […]

Day 19 – Land Ho!

Conditions: Eerily calm. We are at anchor! Persons aboard: Can you believe it? There are still two persons aboard! No, seriously. No stowaways found to date. And, the knives stayed in the cupboard the entire time. Except when there was fish to slay. Fish count: Ben retired from his fishing career after that big one. […]

Pacific Crossing – Day 18: Mixed Emotions and Then the Big One!

Conditions: Pretty good. 15 to 20 knots on the beam. Bouncy. We stopped looking at weather forecasts a week ago. Nothing seems to change out here. It’s either windy or pretty windy. Persons aboard. One fisherman. One hell of a fisher woman. Fish count: One monster… (Ben) And just like that it’s all over. Where […]

Day 17: Monsters are Jumping

Conditions: Squally. Just the rainy squall kind. Wet out here! Persons aboard: Two tired salty souls. Fish count: One good size skipjack tuna. We are no longer Tuna snobs given the drought. (Ash) I have just realized that we have been out here a long time. By the time we get into port it will […]

Day 16 – Fresh Veggies

Conditions: We saw the sun! Finally a day where there was both a sunrise and sunset. Been a while. We are ignoring the rain squalls in between. Persons aboard: Two salty dogs. Fish count: Nada, nil, nix, zilch, zip, diddly-squat.. NOTHING. (Ash) Tonight we are having Greek Salad for dinner. Can you believe it? 16 […]

Day 15 – Mr Fix It

Conditions: Better! Still a huge swell, a million sail changes with fickle wind, but so much better! Except why oh why are there always huge squalls at dinner time? Persons aboard: Haven’t checked in a while. Could you imagine if we found a stowaway. That would be so cool at this point! Fish count: We’re […]

Day 14 – Chores

Conditions: Waves, waves, waves, squalls and fickle winds. Conditions must be better today, we did chores. Day 14 was officially our slowest day of the trip so far. Only 140nm covered in the last 24hr. Persons aboard: 2 clean sailors Fish count: Does chicken count? Steak fajitas anyone? Just to be clear, this does not […]

Day 13 – Awful. Just Awful

Conditions: The title of this post says it all. Persons aboard: One miserable. One very miserable. Fish count: I tried. Three lines out. Tangled two. Awful. Just awful. (Ben) What a miserable day. No wind. Tons of wind. Squalls. Rain. Waves. Huge rollers. No wind. More rain. More waves FROM ALL DIRECTIONS. Ahhhhhhh. Frustrating. This […]

Day 12 – Course Change

Conditions: MIXED BAG. Clouds, Mild Squall, wind, no wind, a sprinkle of rain, finally a downpoor. Persons aboard: Deux. Un Monsieur. Un Mademoiselle. Fun fact: We’re entering a land where they speak French (french Polynesia).ir Ashley tells me she’s been practicing her french on the toilet. Out loud. Fish count: Two Mahi Mahi. Had three […]

Day 11 – Mid Ocean Babble

Conditions: 10 – 15 knots. Had our Code Zero (light wind sail) up most of the day. It’s a downwind sleigh ride. Persons aboard: Two. One male. One female. Fish count: Made a sweet new lure out of a Laphroaig scotch cork. Looks like it works great. I mean, hasn’t caught anything yet but putting […]

Day 10 – Half Way. HALF WAY!

Conditions: Confused seas this morning gave way to a more gentle ride in the afternoon. There’s nothing worse than short steep waves. Forty knots of wind, no problem. Big huge rolling swell, no worries. Short steep 1-6 foot chop. Barf. Persons aboard: I wish three. Kind of ran out of stories and no one else […]

Day 9 – No One

Conditions: 18 to 23 knots. Windy now. We’re surfing down waves consistently at 10 to 12 knots. Max speed in last 24 hours was 14.3 knots and 185 nautical miles. I think we’ll break a 200 mile day yet. Persons aboard: Two irresponsible adults. Fish count: Nada. Zilch. Nichts. (Ben) Haven’t seen or talked to […]

Day 8 – Blustery & Rough

Conditions: 18 to 23 knots. Overcast. It’s rough out. The oceans are confused. Waves coming from three directions. We’re getting wave slap underneath this cat causing the entire saloon table to bounce up a couple inches. It’s loud. Boom! KaBoom!! Sleep comes in spurts when one is too tired to care about being bounced around […]

Day 7 – Is Anybody Out There?

Conditions: A gentle 10 knots. The sun is shining. The stereo is blasting The Best Of The Eagles and french toast is appearing out of the galley. A grand morning. Persons aboard: Two for the time being. Fish count: Caught two flying fish on the trampoline last night. I know. That doesn’t count as “fish” […]

Day 7 – Is Anybody Out There?

Conditions: A gentle 10 knots. The sun is shining. The stereo is blasting The Best Of The Eagles and french toast is appearing out of the galley. A grand morning. Persons aboard: Two for the time being. Fish count: Caught two flying fish on the trampoline last night. I know. That doesn’t count as “fish” […]

Day 6 – Shifts Shifts Shifts.

Conditions: Wind has filled in. White caps everywhere. 18 knots on the port quarter. Absolutely gorgeous sailing. Screaming along on a broad reach. Life is good. Had a few squalls this morning. Nothing with much punch to it. Just a bit of rain. Persons aboard: Still two. Fish count: I don’t want to talk about […]

Day 5: Food Obsessions Continue

Conditions: A mild 8 to 12 knots during the day. A gentle 2 meter swell is lifting us up ever so gently and then dropping us back down. Ramping up slightly to 11 to 15 knots of wind during the night. Persons aboard: Still two. Fish count: Zero. Not even a bite. A sad sad […]

Day 4 – Cranking Out The Miles

Day 4: Conditions: Had a fantastic run the last 24 hours seeing winds up to 18 knots. 8-10 knots of boat speed. We hope this is signs of things to come once we get further south in the stronger trade winds. Covered 190nm in last 24hr, that is close to a record for us! Persons […]

Day 3. Galapagos to Marquesas

Day 3: By Ash: Settling in. Yup, we are settling in. I am not so sea sick and finally am getting into the swing of things. Fish are being caught and we have a beautiful red footed boobie hanging out with us for entertainment. His name is boobie Bill and he is beautiful. The wind […]

Day 1, 2. Galapagos to Marquesas

By Ash: Anticipation and excitement and quite a bit of frustration lead up to our departure. We were desperately trying to upload a video to youtube and finish up a few tasks that we had left to the last minute… you know bond letters for entering french Polynesia and boat insurance… no biggy. Well we […]

Video: The Panama Canal – Adventure 14

What an experience of a lifetime! After much planning and waiting, this is definitely one of those milestones in our lives that we will never forget. A one-way ticket of sorts. An exit from the Caribbean and the entry into the Pacific. A homecoming of sorts as we have spent most of our lives in the Pacific. […]

Video: Adventures in Panama – Adventure 12

In  this episode we have a grand old time getting around in Panama. We (possibly illegally) walk through the port of Colon to get the paperwork process started for transiting the Canal. We figure out how to catch schooling tuna and generally just enjoy the last couple of weeks on the Atlantic side of the […]

Video: Kiteboarding the San Blas – Adventure 11

How can you possibly leave when the wind is up and kiteboarding is to be had? The shallow waters of the San Blas offer some of the best Kiteboarding in the entire Caribbean. Behind each barrier reef are vast sections of knee deep water. The perfect place to kite.  

Blog: The Human Meat Sandwich

  The fridges are looking rather empty. A few rotten carrots. Two eggs and some stale bread. The top-loading fridge is a deep cavernous hole. The beer & wine situation is dismal. What was once an entire guest cabin reasonably filled with beer & wine is now a vacuum. Today we provision; An entire day […]

Video: Paradise in the San Blas Islands – Adventure 10

Talk about getting off the beaten path. Sailing our home through the San Blas for the past weeks and months has been an absolutely amazing cultural and breathtaking experience. There are picture perfect islands everywhere. The local Kuna indians, who control the land, have been able to maintain their way of life. It is so […]

Video: Cartagena at Night – Adventure 09

No video in weeks. Over a month to be exact! Outrageous to leave our readers hanging. Well, we’ve been sailing in areas that are rather remote. No internet. No cell phone coverage. (not much beer). No vegetables. Nothing but deserted islands with a few perfect palm trees. Throw in some kiteboarding, spearfishing and snorkling and […]

Big Seas & Gale Winds to Columbia – Adventure 08

We set sail from Puerto Rico expecting a “sporty” sail. What started as a mundane sail ended with winds to 40 knots, a fresh gale, and steep waves. The coast of Columbia is renowned for it’s sea conditions. Some say it’s the entire Atlantic piling up in this corner of the Caribbean. Others say it’s […]

Swimming With Dolphins – Adventure 07

What do you do when have to wait for batteries? You swim with dolphins! What an unreal experience!! We play with these intelligent creatures for probably over an hour. We watch and listen in awe as they chirp, laugh and blow bubbles around us. We continue to cruise the Spanish Virgin Islands and explore a rickety […]

Kiteboarding the Grenadines – Adventure 06

We Kiteboard Salt Whistle Bay as well as the Tobago Keys. Hands down some of the best locations to kiteboard in the eastern Caribbean! We stop by Bequia and buy a 4 pound lobster. Then continue on overnight to Martinique where we stock up on french cheese, baguettes, and wine. Note: Fuel problems are now […]

Fair Trade? One Dinghy for one Lobster – Adventure 05

What a fun couple of weeks! We do a little crazy driving in Grenada, catch a very nice size Wahoo (that’s a fish). We have fun trading with the local fishermen on Petit Martinique and get a lot wet with monsoon-like rains on Union Island. A little underwater exploration wraps up this action packed episode. […]

She Floats! – Adventure 04

We’ve done it. We’ve left the boatyard and this time we managed to do it in under two weeks. Our mission was simple; get everything done below the waterline. The rest can wait. We’ve only seen a glimpse of what Grenada has to offer. It is an absolutely gorgeous island with an incredible amount of personality. The locals […]

Cruising vs Reality – Adventure 03

This cruising life sounds wonderful doesn’t it? What we possibly gloss over is things like boatyard work. It’s really hot awful work. Nothing works on a boat when it’s out of the water. No toilets means climbing down a ladder in the middle of the night and running across the yard. No anchorage means no wind […]

5 Flights to Paradise – Adventure 02

After 30+ hours of travel, we are finally back in Grenada. The same island where our boat is! It’s been an epic journey. We have an epic time ahead of us with boat work. Very soon we’ll be back to cruising the tropical waters of the Caribbean and beyond!  

101 Farewells – Adventure 01

We are enroute back to our boat! Currently sitting in the Toronto airport with another twelve hours of travel ahead of us. We absolutely cannot wait to see our gem of a Catamaran. She’s been patiently sitting on the hard in Grenada. We have massive plans this coming sailing season. Stay tuned for tons and […]

For Sale – 1987 VW Westfalia

Normal scheduled programming will resume shortly as we prepare to head back to the boat in one weeks time. We have some major sailing plans this year which we’ll fill you in on shortly. In the meantime…. Reduced to $9,000 We’re selling our drop dead gorgeous Volkswagen Westfalia. It has a one-of-a-kind paint job. But don’t […]

Where has the time gone…

Well we are so far behind in telling tales of our journey, it’s daunting to catch up. We have been flying through the Eastern Caribbean Islands working our way south. Destination: Grenada. Deadline: July 5th.  Just over a month ago we left the virgin islands and we have been moving almost non-stop since. We have […]

The British Virgin Islands – The Cement

Eight or so years ago we took a three week vacation to the BVIs. That vacation cemented our sailing dreams. I remember filling out the application to charter a sailboat. There was a section on experience. Oh man did we fill that up. We were actually pretty qualified… to rent a dinghy. We had raced all sorts […]

Freedom & Moving

We woke up this morning bobbing ever so slightly. Sleepily, thoughts crossed our minds. What is the plan for today?  Within a matter of a few sentences we decided that today we move. Move to another country. It is exactly this sort of freedom that appeals to us. Being able to move your entire house […]

Spanish Virgin Islands

Well, we have a little catching up to do. Two months ago we arrived in Puerto Rico and for two months we have been meandering through the Virgin Islands. Now we are onto the leeward islands as head south to Grenada for Hurricane season. So what’s with the delay? Well we had guests. We had […]

New Video: Bahamas 2016

Bear with us as we work on our video editing skills. Somewhat embarrassed by this video but in the spirit of progress, we’ve pushed this out anyways. More to come in terms of video soon.  

A Puerto Rican Interlude

Quickly we realized that Ben needed a car for the gathering of engine parts while living in Fajardo. What we didn’t realize was that Puerto Rico was one of those places where people drive however they want. Ben pulled out his race car driver mode as he navigated around half of Puerto Rico in preparation of […]


After a week at sea, we were happy to tuck into a decent marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We slept and rested for a day. Then it was off to work. We had major issues with our transmissions not going into gear. Days prior to departing the Bahamas the starboard engine wouldn’t consistently go into […]

Bahamas to Puerto Rico – Day 5 & 6

Day 5 – Alone & Near Mutiny (By Ben) Perspective: We’re pretty far away from civilization now. Haven’t seen any freighters for about a day. It’s night time. 4 in the morning. It’s dark. No moon. Just stars and a big empty ocean. I lay on the front of my boat as it gently bobs […]

Bahamas to Puerto Rico – Day 3 & 4

Day 3 – Fish, Wind & Life Lessons. (By Ash) Wind. Finally! We sailed without the engine for about 6 hours making good time compared to the last couple days. But with the wind came the waves and that made today well, ugh. It’s hard to explain the wave action. There is both a forward jerky […]

Bahamas to Puerto Rico

Day 1 – Outwitted & Out Played (By Ben) We pulled anchor several hours later than scheduled. The water was just too crystal clear that morning that it enticed us to a few more swims. It was as if the Bahamas were tempting us. Questioning our decision to leave; “Hey, check out how beautiful I […]

Exuma Life

Life is better in the Exumas. Two weeks has slipped by and we have hardly taken note. Days meld together. There are no weekends. There are no weekdays. Every day, every hour has a special moment. Whether it’s the sweet smells coming off the islands, iguanas parading the beach, pigs swimming, kiteboarding or simply the […]

The Cursed Lure

Ft Lauderdale. At 3:30am the alarm went off. It was go time. Time to leave the United States of America. Over the past six months we’d developed a love-hate relationship with this country. We’d had some of the worst experiences of our lives. All of them caused by this wretched hard top. A non negotiable item […]

Each To Their Own

The new hard top is on. Installed. Looks amazing. It’s a work of art. It was ready last Friday. We were ready Sunday but the weather was not. So tomorrow we head out into the Gulf Stream and cross over to Bimini, Bahamas. We thought about leaving first thing Monday, but hey, what’s a few days […]