Live Your Dream. Sail around the world.

Two Weeks. Just 2 weeks! We glossed over a few details…

When we say “We’re going to sell everything and Sail Around the World” we gloss over just a few details. Living on a boat requires you to downsize; No filing cabinet. No closet full of ‘stuff’ you never use. You can’t afford to have ‘extra stuff’. So that’s what we’ve been doing..Gifting, Selling, Digitizing or Turfing. The current project is getting rid of our massive filing cabinet. So far it’s amazed me the kind of crap we’ve been holding onto:

  1. Insurance papers of 5+ years
  2. Speeding tickets.
  3. Grocery store receipts.

Who cares what you bought at the grocery store? Insurance papers are useless as soon as they expire. Why am I keeping those speeding tickets, except to remind myself I was a dumbass for not seeing the cop before he saw me?

Ashley loves this kind of work. Can you tell?


That certificate, high school test, mortgage paper doesn’t actually provide any value. It’s nothing but a piece of paper. The value is in your accomplishment and more importantly, that next step it’s allowed you to take. Digitize it and be done with it. I know, I’m ruthless. But if you scan it, you can always look at it again. This whole exercise just reinforces that it’s the people and relationships in my life that count. Everything else can be replaced.

Back to it..more touchups, fixes and cleanups. Our list of things to do for the next 2 weeks is long. Reeal long. In order to increase the level of urgency, I have added sticky notes throughout our house to remind us of what needs to get done.



And while we’re being ‘busy’ and knocking stuff off our list, it still doesn’t seem real. How can you believe that you’re going to be living in the tropics, on a sailboat within 10 months from now? It’s weird and surreal. One step at a time I suppose.

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