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Full Throttle

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It’s been a whirlwind the last three weeks. We finished sorting our stuff, did a one-day road trip to the summer cabins to drop some off our belongings. Then moved out & cleaned. That same day we hopped onto a plane bound for Florida to have a boat surveyed. It’s been epic. We’re tired. Exhausted but looking forward to the Bahamas in the coming months.


We’re staying in Miami, South Beach this week. Interesting place, interesting vibe. We are not into nightclubs nor the party scene so we are likely ‘missing out’ on what Miami has to offer. We did bring our yoga mats and found an amazing yoga studio called Miami Life Center. It has been fabulous to unwind and believe it or not, sore muscles feel good!

In terms of a vacation spot Miami may not be our destination of choice. However, the beaches are beautiful, covered in bodies and as long as the eye can see. There are a lot of nice cars, expensive restaurants, fair amount of muscles as well a healthy dose of boob & butt silicone. The restaurants, juice bars and cuban coffee shops are plentiful. Overall it has been great for a couple of days.



I somewhat felt like we were the palest people on the beach. And I don’t think it was a feeling. More like a fact.






Once we get our boat ready, we’ve decided to go explore the Bahamas. These islands are just off the coast of Florida. About an 8 hour passage. Lots of cruisers who set out from Florida typically cruise ‘thru’ them or bypass them completely in search of the Caribbean Leeward & Windward islands (further south). But everything we’ve heard and read from other, experienced cruisers, is that these islands are some of the best in the world. They have some of the most teal blue water around, are protected from big swell and their inhabitants are friendly as can be.

So that’s the plan at least for now. Remember, a sailors plan is always written in sand at low tide.

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