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These are some of our favourite products we use every day. Some of these products keep us safe while others allow us to capture incredible footage! Check back often. We’ll update this list as we go.

We are constantly looking for new gear and sponsors. The sun and salt kills everything! Interested? Drop us a line here.

Beach Chairs

We love our sunset beers on the beach and without fail we always grab our Helinox chairs. We’ve had them close to three years now and they are showing zero signs of rust. Plus they fold up to nothing. Check them out here.


The further we get off the beaten track, the worse the charts. Often we’re parked on land according to Navionics and other charting programs! The only reliable way to navigate reef strewn areas is with full sun overhead and a really good pair of polarized Sunglasses. We’ve tested these SunGods and they’re up to the task. Bottom line? Sounds crazy but they often play a vital role in our navigation. Check out their custom options here.

Predict Wind

We rely heavily on accurate weather forecasts. PredictWind dictates when we move and when we stay put. This is how we plan our passages whether its just a few days or weeks out at sea. Check them out here.

Iridium Go

We’re often offshore and out of cellphone range and there’s nothing better than being able to communicate with family or get the latest forecast any time of day. We just purchased an IridiumGo after years of struggling with a satellite phone. We are stoked to add this to our arsenal.  Grab yours on Amazon here.

DJI Mavic

That epic footage you see is always captured with the reliable DJI Mavic. We throw this thing in our backpack, toss it in the dinghy and fly it in the toughest of conditions. We absolutely LOVE our Mavic. They’ve already come down in price. Check it out.



Typically Ashley is seasick for the first couple days of any passage. There’s a few things we’ve tried but the best solution as of yet are Seabands. Unlike drugs, these things don’t cause side effects as they work via acupressure. This is a big deal since there’s typically only two of us on passage and one person is always on-watch. Check them out here.



It’s rare a day goes by without the GoPro making an appearance. This is our go-to when underwater, kiteboarding or simply going for a dinghy ride. It’s tough as nails. Get a deal on an older Hero5 here or pick up the latest Hero6 here.


Canon 80D

Want to make videos? We just upgraded to the Canon 80D. This thing is awesome for a few reasons. Not only does it take incredible pictures but the face tracking for Vlogging is incredible. We wish we’d had this Canon 80D from the start as most places we’ll never have the chance to visit again.


Rode Video Mic Plus

The one thing that differentiates great video is sound. We have taken hundreds of hours of video now and spent hundreds more hours fixing the audio. Why? Because we didn’t have a badass mic. The Rode Video Mic Plus is the mic recommended by the leaders in the industry. Wind noise sucks!



Cruisers have also been known to pass around terabytes worth of movies and books on hard drives. It’s just something we do to keep the costs down. We’ve made great use of our Kindles over the years by loading them up with new books before a passage. Besides, being on a catamaran we always try to keep it light.



Interesting fact; Ashley is a certified yoga instructor. She has been known to contort herself into all sorts of poses. As such, she loves a good quality mat. She swears by Manduka yoga mats. They’re great quality super dense mats that prevent salt or sweat from seeping in. You can grab one yourself over here.



We are always fishing and gathering. It’s part and partial to living on the ocean. It’s how we reduce our costs. One thing that has come in really handy is this collapsible pole spear. Why? Because often you find a lobster in a hole where your longer pole spear won’t fit. Other times it’s the only thing still sitting in the bottom of your dinghy. You can go grab one over here.