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Progress On The Hard

The people here in Deltaville Virginia are some of the sweetest I have met in recent memory. The density of nice people here seems way above normal. We’re from Victoria, BC and it’s a relatively smallish big town. The vibe is pretty calm but can be a bit anonymous. I guess small enough but too big for a ‘small town’. Deltaville is a bunch smaller and hence, more personable. Let me explain this in another way; You get random strangers asking you “What’s for dinner?” while you’re shopping in the grocery store. They ask you “What should I make for dinner?” (This actually happened.) You exchange cooking recipes with locals at the farmers market. You get to know Paul & Sam at the local hardware store. Sam ran down to the Napa auto parts to get us a light bulb for less than what he was selling it for. And best of all, you get guys like Ricky Hundley from Wave Rider Manufacturing making your hard top experience ‘right’. You get people going out of their way to ensure you’re taken care of. Someday we will live in a small town. Someday. If we stop travelling.

Things are moving forward on the boat. Bit by bit we’re making progress. There are wins. Some days, losses. More wins than losses. Regarding losses, We’re walking away from our deposit on the first hard top. Marine Fabricators here in Virginia is unwilling to refund nor (able) to build a frame that is safe to both walk on nor fall down in bigger seas. That whole experience was one of the worst weeks in recent memory. Likely years. Sleepless nights. Stress. Worry. Fights. At the end of the day, I would rather have a few extra rum punches in the Caribbean and let this fade into a distant memory. An important, expensive lesson but a distant memory some day.

For the wins; We don’t need to take down our mast. That’s a massive win. We had our rig inspected and have a new solution. Our electric winch is fixed. That only took about five dis-assemblies before figuring it out. We have a new BBQ! This is another massive win. Over half our meals involve a BBQ. We have two new paddle boards strapped to our deck. These will be one of our primary modes of transportation once we get out there.

We’re working on installing a new stove as the old one packed it in. There’s new solar going on in the next weeks. Ashley is our procurement expert. She has also taken on repainting the bottom and polishing the sides. I’m working on engines, rudder bearings, sail drives and everything in between. This ship is sailing south. Soon. Did I mention it’s 3 degrees celsius tonight? Three degrees celsius!

photo 3

Canadian Thanksgiving the states






We took a day and went to the Annapolis boat show. One of the biggest in the world. So big we saw the cats, the booths and didn’t even have time to see the monohulls. Who was the top dog? The GunBoat of course! They had two; First the G4 which is a racing cat. Second, the 55′ cruising performance cat. Possibly our next boat? I think so.



stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 5

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 7

Our next boat; GunBoat 55+

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 6


stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 1

Maybe someday they will make quadruple deckers. No need for a mainsail anyways.

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 2

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 3

Boat show babe


stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 8

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 10

Ashley was not impressed

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 11

I have gained a great deal of respect for knives. Note the gloves

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 13


stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 14

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 12

stingray_point_boat_works_deltaville_ - 15

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October 19, 2015

Happy to hear of the wins! Sending love! Cant wait for a visit xox


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